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Attention-grabbing UV Products At CES 2021

Attention-grabbing UV Products At CES 2021

  • Jan 29, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, CES 2021 became the first online CES exhibition since it started in 1967. As before, CES 2021showcased the most advanced electronic products, technologies, and concepts now in the world. At this year's CES, the concept of health permeated the whole exhibition. There were various health technology products represented by UV disinfection electronic products incarnated that became stars attracting attention from peoples on the show. People hope to use the power of technology to fight epidemics.

Smart UV Mask

Smart masks can be seen everywhere on CES 2021, and smart UV masks occupied a large proportion of mask exhibits.  In fact, the CES 2021 is not the first appearance of the smart UV mask. In 2020, a variety of UV protective masks had appeared in the global market. They combine UV germicidal light tech, use UV light sanitizer to provide users with cleaner air. Or use the UV light sanitizer disinfect masks direct so that masks can have a longer working life.

In CES 2021, the smart masks brought by exhibitors have been further upgraded. New smart masks have used more sensors and get designs that better meet the needs of users. These make all kinds of smart masks that including UV masks become superstars on CES 2021.

UV Disinfection Robot

Many manufacturers have brought their own UV disinfection robots to the CES 2021.

The COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has a great impact on the whole world. For various public spaces, maintaining cleaning environments for reducing the spread of the virus brought huge labor and cost pressures to staff and managers. In response to market demand, technology innovation companies have quickly launched various intelligent UV disinfection robots, and quickly put them into practical use.

The UV disinfection robots displayed at CES 2021 is highly intelligent. They can independently plan the sterilization work and charge themselves and can avoid crowds for safe and thorough disinfection. These UV disinfection robots have greatly eased the operating pressure of managers in public spaces, and they are excellent public space UV cleaner devices.

Ultraviolet Air Sterilizer

Air purification device is another hot product at this CES. COVID-19 has influenced the design philosophy of the air purification equipment that appeared on CES 2021. The demand is shifting from more popular filter purification to the comprehensive purification of filtration and sterilization. People begin to hope that the air purifiers can effectively kill bacteria and viruses while filtering, and hope that they can eliminate health risks in the air at one time.

Therefore, there were more air purifiers with disinfection function appeared on CES 2021 than before, and UV air purifier sterilizer is most of them. Air purifiers that apply UV sterilization tech can have a more compact body and higher sterilization efficiency, and do not require more consumables. Multiple advantages make this technology the first choice for many manufacturers to improve their air purifiers.

More UV Appliances

Phone sanitizer and charger, vehicle UV sterilizer box, desktop UV LED disinfection lamp, refrigerator with UV disinfection lamp, etc. The participation of various professional or cross-border manufacturers has brought many UV disinfection technology products to CES 2021, attracting the attention of dealers and consumers.

It is believed that with the efforts of global manufacturers and consumers' increasing demand for healthy living, more and better UV products will shine in the short future.

UV LED Sterilizer BOX

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