• Air Purifiers For Pets Are Becoming A New Niche In The Air Purifier Market
    • Jun 07, 2023
    Air Purifiers For Pets Are Becoming A New Niche In The Air Purifier Market

    As the hot summer approaches, there has been a significant surge in the search volume for pet air purifiers, indicating a growing consumer concern and demand for indoor air quality. This trend is fueled by the significant rise in pet ownership in recent years, particularly as more people turn to pets to alleviate the pressures and loneliness of life, especially in light of the ongoing pandemic.   The issues associated with pets, such as allergies, infectious diseases, odors, and pet hair, have become the primary driving factors behind the purchase of air purifiers. Increasingly, pet owners are realizing that the pollutants and odors generated by their pets at home can adversely affect the health and comfort of their family members. Pet owners actively seek solutions to improve indoor air quality, and air purifiers for pet have emerged as their top choice.   Consumers place great value on the ability of air purifiers for pet to remove allergens and odors effectively. Common types of pet air purifiers available in the market include HEPA filter air purifiers, UV light air sterilizers, and photocatalyst air purifiers. They employ various technologies to efficiently eliminate pet allergens, eradicate bacteria and viruses, and minimize odor generation, resulting in a fresh and healthy indoor environment.   HEPA filter air purifiers excel at capturing and filtering pet hair, dust, pollen, and other microscopic particles, reducing the concentration of allergens in indoor air and creating a more comfortable living space, particularly for individuals with allergies.   UVC air disinfection purifiers utilize UV radiation to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, effectively mitigating the risk of infectious diseases transmitted by pets and safeguarding the well-being of household members. Moreover, short-wavelength UV light expedites the oxidation and decomposition of odor molecules in the air and can successfully eliminate everyday pet-related odors.   Photocatalyst air purifiers combine UV radiation and photocatalyst technology to specialize in breaking down odor molecules, harmful gases, and volatile organic compounds. By doing so, these purifiers eliminate pet-related odors and create a more refreshing and pleasant indoor atmosphere.   Although these air purifiers have different capabilities, their purification abilities have been acknowledged by consumers. They are considered effective tools for addressing indoor air quality issues.   As the market develops, air purifiers for pets are expected to undergo further innovation and advancement. To cater to the diverse needs of consumers, air purifier manufacturers may introduce smarter products equipped with real-time indoor air quality monitoring sensors and intelligent control systems. These advancements would enable the purifiers to automatically adjust their operation mode, ensuring optimal air purification performance.   The pet ...

  • CES 2023 Digital Health And Small Appliance Industry Trends And Focus
    • Jan 11, 2023
    CES 2023 Digital Health And Small Appliance Industry Trends And Focus

    On January 5, 2023, CES 2023, the annual electronics event, opened in Las Vegas. This year marks the first year since 2020 that CES has fully resumed offline exhibitions. More than 3000 well-known brands, household appliance manufacturers, and technological innovators from around the world gathered at the scene, bringing the latest electronic and appliance products and technologies. Over the years, the focus at CES has been on extensive household appliance technology, digital technology, and computer technology. This year, digital health, smart home appliances, and other aspects showed many future products, technology trends, and conceptual directions. These contents have attracted more and more attention from relevant practitioners at the scene and have become another spotlight in the industry this year.   Better health management This year's show continues the trend of digital health technology at CES 2022. At CES 2023, the application of digital health technology is becoming more comprehensive and detailed. At the show, many future products with excellent innovative technologies demonstrated how to help people monitor and manage their health more comprehensively and accurately. For example, the Withings U-Scan urine analyzer attracted a lot of attention and inquiries from industry personnel on site. It is a small home urine health laboratory. For example, the Withings U-Scan urine analyzer attracted a lot of attention and inquiries from industry personnel on site. It is a small home urine health laboratory. With a simple installation, it can monitor and manage the health of family members by sampling and analyzing urine. And it can also connect to apps to provide users with professional health management advice. Another one is the Smartooth dental care device, a new home dental care device that helps users monitor and manage dental health. It's precise and easy to use. It is one of the winners of this CES202 Innovation Award. There are many similar digital health management products available at CES2023, covering everything from professional healthcare to home and personal health management.   More user experience-focused healthcare and cleaning devices One of the trends we can see from the products at CES2023 is that healthcare and cleaning appliance manufacturers are increasingly focusing on improving the user experience. In healthcare and cleaning appliances R&D, they are becoming more and more emphasis on user experience. Dyson showed off a new personal air purification system at this year's exhibition. It combines a noise-reducing headset with an air purifier to create a portable air purification system with an excellent noise-reduction experience. When activated, the noise-reducing headphones can block the noise generated by the air purifier fan, thus achieving a better portable use experience. Nest's electric toothbrush kit is more focused on the user experiences of the elderly or disabled. Its kit combines a too...

  • What Are The Trends Of Small Household Appliances In 2023?
    • Dec 08, 2022
    What Are The Trends Of Small Household Appliances In 2023?

    In 2022, the global consumer market has changed significantly due to various global factors such as epidemics, wars, and inflation. Many market segments have a relatively significant scale shrinkage. After experiencing the decline fluctuation in the first half of the year, the household appliance market's development in the second half year showed strong market resilience. Affected by online factors such as online retailing and social networking platforms, the sales of home appliances, particularly small appliances, have stabilized and shown a potential for growth in the second half of the year. Researchers, investors, and small household appliance manufacturers are optimistic about the future trend of the small home appliance consumer market. Towards the end of 2022, changes in consumer choice data this year also show how small appliances will develop over the next period. Small household appliance industry practitioners will get future business opportunities.   Intelligent Since the concept of smart homes is proposed, the trend of intellectualization of household appliances has not stopped. This will not change in the future. Research data show that people are increasingly inclined to buy smart home appliances. Especially in household appliances and kitchen and bathroom appliances, people tend to purchase proportions of intelligent equipment more than 41.6%and 37.2%. At the same time, people's demand for intelligence is becoming more and more rational. A simple mobile remote control function is no longer smart function enough for consumers. People are no longer satisfied with this. How to introduce AI more into home appliances? How to combine home appliances with the Internet of Things to make them more intelligent? These will be the main goals of the next development of smart home appliances.   Integrated Health Functions Since the epidemic in 2020, the concept of health has penetrated all aspects of people's lives, including various consumer markets. The influence is the same in the small appliance market. And the impact is long-term. One notable example is that until the end of 2022, ultraviolet air purifiers remain one of the most concerned small household appliances in various sales channels. In the past two years, many new cleaning appliances and electronic disinfectors have once become the hottest products on the market. But as the market saturates, many of these products are being left out this year. Consumer perceptions of health appliance products are also changing. They hope to integrate health products into life and improve the convenience of using these products. They do not want too many electronic devices to become a burden in life. At the same time, home appliance developers have also begun to study the upgrading of traditional household appliances, disinfection, cleaning, and other functions for health add to home appliances direct. This will make consumers more convenient to use these functions. I...

  • QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS Participate In The K2022 Plastic And Rubber Trade Fair
    • Oct 27, 2022
    QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS Participate In The K2022 Plastic And Rubber Trade Fair

    From October 19th to October 26th, K 2022, the world's number one plastic and rubber industry exhibition, was held in Düsseldorf, Germany. Xiamen QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS joined hands with its company ATYOU Health Tech and Mihi Intelligent Tech display again in the K FAIR. It is reported that this is the second time QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS has participated in the K FAIR. In 2019, QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS carried precision molds, excellent injection molding products, and the group's self-developed electrical products and displayed them on the previous K FAIR. Based on various products and information, QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS showed its excellent professional ability in mold and injection molding, which has been experienced for more than 20 years. The independently R&D products of UVC cell phone sanitizer and bottle steriliser dryer have also been praised by merchants from various countries. Merchants have recognized the professional level of R & D, mold making, and product manufacturing services of QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS Group. At this year's K 2022 exhibition site, QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS also brought its latest technology and products. QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS showed a variety of precision molds and injection molding examples, such as over-molding injection, insert molding injection, etc. It also demonstrated many excellent production achievements in the processing and production of special plastic materials, such as PCTG and Peek. In addition to that, QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS also brought the finished appliances products this time. Including UVC air sterilizers, travel shoe dryers, desktop fruits & vegetable washers, etc. All these products are independently developed by QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS Group, and the production is all in-house. The feeds from various countries' merchants at the exhibition site were good. Many merchants and the staff of the QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS have left contact information to prepare to communicate further in the future and cooperation of foundry production. QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS has been engaged in manufacturing for more than 20 years and has long provided manufacturing services to the Top 500 companies. It focuses a lot on mold development & manufacturing. In addition, with the advantage of in-house mold making, QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS expanded its capacity of R & D and mass production. With the development of around 20 years, QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS now has become a comprehensive manufacturing group from a mold factory, with subsidiaries Xiamen ATYOU Health Technology CO., LTD & Xiamen MIHI Intelligent Technology CO., LTD. At present, QIQIANGSHENG MOULDS integrates the production technology and resources of the group and builds a base for R & D and production with an area of about 60,000 square feet in Xiamen. The base includes R & D centers, mold factories, injection molding factories, and electronic product assembly factories. The business scope covers injection molding mold, die-casting mold, injection molding, electronic pro...

  • Various Reasons Drive The Rapid Growth Of The Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Market
    • Jul 12, 2022
    Various Reasons Drive The Rapid Growth Of The Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Market

    Several market analysis agencies have recently released reports on the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner market trend. It provides data assistance for the investment direction of ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers. Numerous reports show that ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are becoming the new bestseller among small ultrasonic cleaner equipment. Statistics from the search engines such as Google Trends also show that the search volume of keywords related to ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines has increased compared to before the epidemic, and the growth is still in progress. According to expert analysis, various factors have contributed to the growth of the ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine market. This growth trend will be relatively stable in the next few years. The ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines will become one of the products occupying a large share of the home ultrasonic cleaning machine market.   Jewelry Market Impact In the past two years, the global economic environment has been affected by the epidemic, war, and other aspects, showing some downturns. In this economic environment, jewelry, especially gold and silver jewelry, has become a popular investment option for ordinary consumers because of its value-preserving properties. Therefore, the overall jewelry trend has resumed steady growth after experiencing the initial shock of the epidemic. It has also driven the development of various surrounding markets. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is one of the products that have been positively affected.   Young Consumers The consumer group of jewelry is becoming younger and younger. Millennials and even younger consumers have become the main segment of jewelry consumption. Compared with the older groups, the jewelry consumption concept of these young people is more inclined to daily practicality. And when it comes to maintaining jewelry, they trust technology more than their predecessors. Ultrasonic cleaning machine has been a mature precision equipment cleaning technology for many years, and young consumers are happy to enjoy the convenience of this mature technology. Because of these, digital ultrasonic jewelry cleaners have become one of the favorite jewelry peripheral products for young consumers in recent years.   More Choices As the miniaturization technology of professional ultrasonic cleaning equipment becomes more and more stable, more professional ultrasonic cleaner suppliers have begun to invest capital and R&D strength into the household ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment sector. They set out to make what used to be professional and bulky ultrasonic cleaning equipment sleek, compact and accessible. Now, there are many ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines with professional performance and fashionable appearance on the market, providing more and more choices for younger and younger consumers. That also drives the boom in the ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines market.   Various...

  • The Latest Research Proved The Correct Dosage For UV Eradication Of COVID
    • May 20, 2022
    The Latest Research Proved The Correct Dosage For UV Eradication Of COVID

    Recently, Professor Kaiming Ye from Binghamton University and his team have published a research report titled "Systematic evaluating and modeling of SARS-CoV-2 UVC disinfection" in《Scientific Reports》. This research evaluates and demonstrates the effectof UV dose and wavelength on the efficiency of killing COVID, human health, and the impact of media where the virus is on UV-killing COVID. From the epidemic outbreak in 2020, UV sterilization as an important virus defense method became a social focus along with facemask, hand sanitizer, and social distancing. Therefore, new products of various types of ultraviolet disinfection equipment on the market have appeared frequently in the past two years, including mask UV sterilizer boxes, high-power UV germicidal lamps, and UVC air sterilizers. All UV equipment manufacturers claim that their products are efficient and completely safe. However, there are still some important problems that we need to figure out. What UV dosage kills the COVID virus? What wavelength? How long does it need? Can UV be used in public without long-term harm to people? There was no targeted research to further demonstrate these. This research by Professor Ye's team fills this gap and provides more detailed data for the more scientific use of ultraviolet light to fight the epidemic. In 2020, some research showed that 222 nm UV (far UV) can effectively kill COVID without harming human skin and eyes. It is safer than the current commonly used 254 nm UV. Therefore, many high-power 222 nm UVC germicidal lamp products have been pushed on the market in the past two years. As important equipment for environmental disinfection, they are widely used in various public rooms. But the latest research overturns the assertion. New report data shows that the 222 nm UV is not entirely safe. When the 222 nm UV radiation dose reaches 50 j/cm², will make the mechanical integrity of human skin reduced. Skin becomes more prone to cracking. This means bacteria and other microbes are more likely to invade your skin. This project of Professor Ye's team also researched the effect of different medium environments on the efficiency of UV eradication of COVID and provided more research data on UVC light safety. Their team also developed a safer UVC LED disinfection lamp system based on the research results. They are doing more additional testing before filing for a patent. Ye believes that this research can offer a scientific basis for standardizing and regulating claims from manufacturers of UV disinfectant devices.

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