• Attention-grabbing UV Products At CES 2021
    • Jan 29, 2021
    Attention-grabbing UV Products At CES 2021

    Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, CES 2021 became the first online CES exhibition since it started in 1967. As before, CES 2021showcased the most advanced electronic products, technologies, and concepts now in the world. At this year's CES, the concept of health permeated the whole exhibition. There were various health technology products represented by UV disinfection electronic products incarnated that became stars attracting attention from peoples on the show. People hope to use the power of technology to fight epidemics. Smart UV Mask Smart masks can be seen everywhere on CES 2021, and smart UV masks occupied a large proportion of mask exhibits.  In fact, the CES 2021 is not the first appearance of the smart UV mask. In 2020, a variety of UV protective masks had appeared in the global market. They combine UV germicidal light tech, use UV light sanitizer to provide users with cleaner air. Or use the UV light sanitizer disinfect masks direct so that masks can have a longer working life. In CES 2021, the smart masks brought by exhibitors have been further upgraded. New smart masks have used more sensors and get designs that better meet the needs of users. These make all kinds of smart masks that including UV masks become superstars on CES 2021. UV Disinfection Robot Many manufacturers have brought their own UV disinfection robots to the CES 2021. The COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has a great impact on the whole world. For various public spaces, maintaining cleaning environments for reducing the spread of the virus brought huge labor and cost pressures to staff and managers. In response to market demand, technology innovation companies have quickly launched various intelligent UV disinfection robots, and quickly put them into practical use. The UV disinfection robots displayed at CES 2021 is highly intelligent. They can independently plan the sterilization work and charge themselves and can avoid crowds for safe and thorough disinfection. These UV disinfection robots have greatly eased the operating pressure of managers in public spaces, and they are excellent public space UV cleaner devices. Ultraviolet Air Sterilizer Air purification device is another hot product at this CES. COVID-19 has influenced the design philosophy of the air purification equipment that appeared on CES 2021. The demand is shifting from more popular filter purification to the comprehensive purification of filtration and sterilization. People begin to hope that the air purifiers can effectively kill bacteria and viruses while filtering, and hope that they can eliminate health risks in the air at one time. Therefore, there were more air purifiers with disinfection function appeared on CES 2021 than before, and UV air purifier sterilizer is most of them. Air purifiers that apply UV sterilization tech can have a more compact body and higher sterilization efficiency, and do not require more consumables. Multiple advantages make this technology the first choice for many manufa...

  • Use UV Disinfection To Help Business Becoming A Trend
    • Dec 29, 2020
    Use UV Disinfection To Help Business Becoming A Trend

    In 2020, the pandemic has a huge impact on businesses around the world, especially on the real economy. In the first half of the year, due to the sudden outbreak of the COVID19 and government policies, people were forced to reduce their daily outings, and almost all offline businesses came to a standstill. Although the global situation improved in the second half of the year, the real economy such as shops, restaurants, and hotels are still difficult to return to normal, due to people's concerns about public sanitation. This situation will continue in a short period of time, so the operators have begun to choose to make full use of UV disinfection products such as efficient UVC germicidal light to ensure the health and safety of commercial spaces to help their businesses. This change is becoming a trend. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation(UVGI)is a proven mature sterilization technology, which is widely used in various fields because of its high efficiency, non-toxic by-products, and low maintenance cost. Until now, UV sterilizers are still one of the most reliable sterilization equipment in various hospitals, labs, space industry, and other professional places. Although businesses are allowed to reopen with maintaining social space when the epidemic alleviates, consumers’ willingness to go out for consumption was reduced because of concerns about public health. People with rigid consumer needs also expressed the hope to see businesses make better cleaning measures and to be informed of the actual hygiene conditions. In response to this, businesses have increased disinfection measures, and UV disinfection equipment has become the best choice. For example, many malls, hotels, and office buildings have introduced Smart Lift Elevator UV Sterilizer Light, UV light air purifier, and intelligent disinfection robots for automated disinfection in areas with frequent people flows. Using these products can carry on intelligent and efficient UV disinfection treatment on the space, which can not only ensure the environmental health to the greatest extent, but also avoid the increase of maintenance cost for the operators. And the future technological looks of some of the intelligent disinfection products themselves are also becoming a new marketing tool for some businesses to attract customers. Experts predict that although the epidemic will eventually pass, due to the huge impact of this epidemic, people will pay more attention to environmental sanitation in the future. Therefore, operators make full use of UV disinfection devices to ensure the health and hygiene of the business space and to attract consumers with cleaner environmental conditions, it will be a trend for a long period of time in the future.

  • Chinese Protocol On Prevention And Control Of COVID-19 (Edition 7) And Some Advice
    • Sep 21, 2020
    Chinese Protocol On Prevention And Control Of COVID-19 (Edition 7) And Some Advice

    Sep. 15, National Health Commission of PRC (PRC NHC) published Protocol on Prevention and Control of COVID-19 (Edition 7). It is the first update on this protocol in the recent half-year after Edition 6 was published in March. After more than half a year of research on COVID-19 and summing up experience from various management cases of treatment and epidemic prevention, the PRC NHC had further adjusted and improved the Protocol on Prevention and Control of COVID-19. There are many adjustments in this edition, and medical experts believe that provides important references for persons and businesses to fight against COVID-19.   The new protocol put forward and made it clear for the first time that contact with virus-contaminated objects and exposure to virus-contaminated space can lead to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In the previous edition of the protocol, it was only emphasized that the COVID-19 virus was mainly transmitted through droplets or close contact with patients. Experts believe that this adjustment has confirmed several virus transmission possibilities. Therefore, people need to pay more attention to these methods of virus transmission and do the corresponding prevention work. For areas where the epidemic has not been eliminated, experts advise that people should pay more attention to the cleaning of daily necessities, including mobile phones, keys, cash, and so on. Clean these small items daily by wiping high concentrations of alcohol disinfectants or with a UV sterilizer box, and that will reduce the risk of virus contamination and transmission. For some commercial space or public space operators, experts also gave advice. For some public spaces with a high density of people, it is recommended to adopt safe deep cleaning measures and increase the number of cleaning times. For example, using UV germicidal lamps and UV air sanitizer to automatically disinfect the environment and air at high frequency. This will keep public spaces clean and safe as far as possible while maintaining the normal operation.   The new protocol also places emphasis on strengthening prevention and control requirements for cold chain food processing and trading places to reduce the risk of the COVID-19 virus transmit by cold chains. In recent months, news in several regions has reported the discovery of COVID-19 in frozen food packaging or frozen food processing plants. And that the virus had even been detected on some cutting boards that handle frozen seafood. Now, the spread of the COVID-19 virus through the cold chain has caused widespread concern in many aspects. For this, the experts put forward some suggestions to help people keep away from the COVID-19 virus transmitted by the cold chain. 1. Be cautious in buying frozen foods that come from areas in high epidemics. 2. Remove or change the original packaging of frozen food in time. 3. Cook food thoroughly and not eat raw food. 4. Use a kitchen utensils UV LED sanitizer or disinfect...

  • Home Air Sterilizer Now Is Popular In The Global Market
    • Aug 27, 2020
    Home Air Sterilizer Now Is Popular In The Global Market

    Home air purifiers have always been one of the popular home appliances in the market. People purchase air purifiers to help them get a better air environment. Before 2020, people prefer the choice of a filter-type air purifier to remove particulate pollutants. But now, air purifiers with sterilization function are more popular in the market. In the past, the purchasers of air purifiers paid more attention to the filtering function, hoping to remove dust, pollen and hair through high-efficiency filters. It is understood that in 2019, the top three decisive factors for the purchase of air purifiers are the filtration efficiency of particulate pollutants such as PM2.5, the noise level and the cost of consumables. This year, there has been a significant change in the market trend of air purifiers due to the impact of the COVID-19. Air purifiers, which focus on disinfection function, are becoming popular in the global market. Sterilization technology, germicidal efficiency and air circulation speed are becoming important impact factors for people to choose air purifiers. The sales of many kinds of products, including UV air sanitizer, heating air disinfection purifier and ionic air purifier, have increased significantly. UV air purifier sterilizers are air purification equipment that uses UVC germicidal light to irradiate the air with high density and realize efficient sterilization. UV sterilization technology is a reliable sterilization technology that had developed for more than 100 years. Before the epidemic, air sterilizers using ultraviolet disinfection technology were more commonly used in hospitals, laboratories and industrial places. This year, because of the epidemic, this technology has been more widely used in household air purifiers. In June 2020, academic reports from Columbia University and other institutions of researcher showed that UVC light could effectively kill coronavirus. The results of this study have promoted the sales growth of ultraviolet air disinfection purifiers in the market more. UVC can kill bacteria and viruses quickly and effectively, and will not leave any toxic residue. So, apart from UV air disinfection purifiers, other UV disinfection products have also become the best-seller electronic products, including portable UV sterilizer, UVsterilizer Box, etc.

  • Innovative Products With UV Sterilization Technology Are Popular In The Market
    • Jul 20, 2020
    Innovative Products With UV Sterilization Technology Are Popular In The Market

    Through research over the past few months, many scientists from all over the world have proved that UV can effectively kill the COVID19. As recently as July, researchers from Columbia University said they had solid evidence that UV could effectively kill coronaviruses, including COVID19, H1N1 flu viruses etc. Scientists believe that this study provides a new weapon and theoretical basis for the fight against this epidemic.   Before this, many innovative companies invested their technological power in the innovative R&D of ultraviolet products ahead of time because of the prediction of the market and tech. Until now, there have been a number of new UV products on the market, and most of them have got positive feedback from the market.   Masks are important protective equipment that has attracted much attention in this epidemic. Recently, several new UV sterilization masks have displayed on some well-known online crowdfunding platforms. Tech companies combined UVC germicidal light into traditional filter masks to develop new products with disinfection and self-purification functions. These UV germicidal masks are popular with consumers while they just hit the market, raising millions of dollars each on crowdfunding platforms in just over a dozen days.   UV makeup brush sanitizer is also a kind of new product that is very popular in the market at present. Compared with the ultraviolet disinfection mask, the UV tool sterilizer box dryer is a micro-innovation of products by professional disinfector manufacturers. Combine the beautiful desktop storage box with UVC disinfection technology, with sufficient disinfection room, beautiful looks, unique germicidal drying function and clean storage function. The launch of this product not only meets the needs of disinfecting small daily items during the epidemic, but also meets the daily needs of many people to store clean items. So, this product has been included in the purchase list by many professional buyers as soon as it was launched.   Not only these, but also many innovative products using ultraviolet disinfection technology, such as UV air cleaner specializing in disinfection air, Smart elevator UV cleaner Light with automatic cleaning function, and so on, have become the most popular product choices in the current market. And it is believed that in the coming future, there will soon be more innovative UV devices recognized by consumers on the market.

  • COVID Promotes The Development Of UV Disinfection Products
    • Jun 27, 2020
    COVID Promotes The Development Of UV Disinfection Products

    UV germicidal technology has existed for decades, and it is a proven and efficient broad-spectrum sterilization technology. However, in the past decades, the styles and types of commercial and household UV devices on the market have changed very little. So, the styles of many UV sterilization products are relatively old. This year, the development of ultraviolet disinfection equipment ushered in an opportunity. Due to the influence of the COVID virus, UV disinfection products have developed explosively in 2020. Whether it is the market demand or recognition, or the style and quantity of newly developed products, are growing rapidly. FuturizedUV Disinfection Robot Due to the epidemic, there is a huge demand for disinfection in a variety of public and commercial places, including hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, and public vehicles. But high concentrations of disinfectants and ultraviolet rays are usually not suitable for exposure to common areas with people directly. So, some technology companies that specialize in robotics and AI technology combine UV disinfection with robotics to replace manual disinfection of large sites. According to statistics, in a short period of half a year from the beginning of this year to now, dozens of companies around the world have developed hundreds of ultraviolet disinfection robots. These futuristic robots can not only replace people to perform high-intensity ultraviolet disinfection without damage, advanced AI technology can also help them automatically plan work, design itinerant routes, and do disinfection while there is no one. User-friendly Home UV Sterilizer All kinds of household UV sterilizers are the common products in the market, but the upgrading of these products has been slow in previous years. In a long time, the more common in the market is tableware disinfection cabinet, UV disinfection cabinet, and so on. Their styles and function are relatively ancient and rough. Some of the products even look like old lab devices. In recent years, some new changes have taken place in the products on the market. And these changes have been exacerbated by surging market demand due to the influence of the COVID virus this year. According to incomplete statistics, in the past few months, the styles of newly listed disinfection products have increased by more than 300%, and most of them were developed and put into production in the last two months. For example, the styles of portable UVC sterilizer wand sold on Amazon have multiplied several times in a month, and the shapes are more fashionable and novel. In addition, due to the impact of the COVID epidemic, the scope of application of newly listed disinfection products is also rapidly subdivided and expanded. Besides the common baby bottle sterilizer dryer, desktop UV sterilizer box, and other products, there are also many products in new fields such as home UV mask sterilizers, UV makeup brush sanitizer and so on. Of course, in addition to being be...




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