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Electric UV Bottle Steriliser

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Electric UV Bottle Steriliser

Patented milk bottle electric UV sterilizer. UVC light direct sterilizes the bottle from inside thoroughly. Quickly drying bottles completely for clean storage.

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Electric UVC Bottle Steriliser

Product Item: Electric UVC Bottle Steriliser | Bottle Sterilization Warm Air Drying Rack

ATYOU electric baby bottle steriliser and dryer is a sterilization drying rack specially designed for baby bottles. It has efficient UVC sterilization lights that will sterilize bottles and nipples from inside directly. And has a low-temperature warm air drying function to dry the bottles and nipples quickly and safely. This product is a useful travel & home bottle sterilizer and dryer that is ideal for most baby bottles.


· Kill 99% of germs – This bottle sterilizer has a unique UV sterilization designed to sterilize bottles and nipples from inside directly. It will sanitize the bottles and nipples in 5 mins. Test by third-party pro labs, this sterilizer will kill 99% of germs.

· Low-temp fast drying – The UV bottle drying rack will dry the bottles with warm air between 50℃and 60℃thoroughlyin 30 mins. It is more quickly and safe for any type of baby bottle than most similar products.

· User-friendly – Lightweight and compact size body. One button for each function. Easy to use. 

· Safe – Safe child lock switch to prevent child operation alone.

· Unique patented product. 

· CE, FCC certificated.

Key Specifications:

Power Supply:  100-240V, 50-60Hz

Power Input:  12V / 2A

Drying Power:  22W

Disinfection Power:  0.5W


UV Wavelength:  280nm

Drying Temp.:  50-60℃

Ideal For:  Standard calibre / Wide calibre bottles

Drying Mode:  1 preset – 30 mins (Drying & disinfection 2 in 1)

Disinfection Mode:  1 preset – 5 mins

Child Lock:  Yes


Product Size:  182*95*130mm

Product Weight:  500g

Material:  ABS, TPE

Electric UVC Bottle Steriliser

Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer FAQs:

Q: What is the MOQ if I want to customize the branding and packaging?

A: The OEM MOQ is 1000 pcs.  

For new customers, we will provide small test orders with general packaging and models to help develop the market.


Q: Is there other models of UV baby bottle sterilizer available?

A: Please leave your contact information and needs, our sales staff will contact you as soon as possible and send a more detailed product catalog.

If you need to develop a new product that is not in the catalog, we will supply professional services for you of R&D, molds, PCB, injection, and assembly. ATYOU Health tech is a senior production service provider with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. We had provided OEM/ODM services for the Top 500 for many years.

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