Dentures Are Easy To Care! Do You Know Ultrasonic Cleaning?

  • 2019-09-30 13:32:30

Dentures might cause unpleasant odors or mouth problems if not properly maintained. Therefore, for those who need denture care, but don't want time-consuming work, we introduce an "ultrasonic cleaning" method that can easily and safely clean denture parts at home.

Improper Care Might Damage Denture.

For routine care, the basic principle is to properly remove the denture and take care of it every day.

Some people may brush their teeth while wearing "dentures", but this is not recommended. This might damage the surface of the denture.

If improperly cared, the dirt or bacteria remaining in the "denture" can cause odors, affecting the remaining teeth and gums, and cause oral problems.

How to Daily Maintain Denture?

We believe that many people use denture cleaners or brushes to remove dirt every day to protect the denture. Continuing this care is very important for your oral health.

However, users usually can't finish detergent within a short period of time, though they know that it is not good to open a bottle but leave it for a long time. When cleaning with a brush, the denture may be difficult to handle due to the size and shape limit, or it may be difficult to care thoroughly. With these issues, adding time consuming concern, honestly, it is difficult to take care of it every day.

"Ultrasonic Cleaning" Makes It Easy to Care Denture

Therefore, we will introduce another method of cleaning the "denture" using "ultrasonic" cleaning technology.

This method uses a dedicated device "ultrasonic cleaner", but the operation is very simple.

Simply pour water in the cleaning bath of ultrasonic cleaner, then place the denture parts till fully immersed, following user manual packed together with the device.

Turn on switch to start cleaning.

The process will be completed in 5 minutes, and the device will turn off automatically.

Then you have cleaned denture parts.

Ultrasonic cleaning is also a cleaning method used by dentists to remove dirt on fake teeth. Since the vibration reaches a portion where manual clean is hard to reach, ultrasonic cleaner easily clean the slit on the back surface of denture, as well as the metal fitting.

Short Time and Complete Clean! Advantages of "Ultrasonic Cleaning"

Let's take a look at the contrast photos before and after cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner.

The aligner is immersed in coffee liquid, then curing dried, to make brown stains and bacterial plaque adhered on it. Then it is cleaned with ultrasonic denture cleaner for 5 minutes. After the cleaning, we can see the dirt is completely removed from aligner.

Now you can see the advantages of using ultrasonic cleaner for denture care at home.

◎Shorten the denture care time, as the cleaning takes only 5 minutes.

◎Everyone can use it safely without damage denture.

◎No denture shape limit, all areas can be cleaned.

Cleaning Solution and Detergent to Enhance Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning removes dirt by vibration, but bacteria, contained by plaque, might still adheres to the denture. So that it is recommended to add cleaning solution or detergent, to disinfect your denture and enhance cleaning.

Daily denture care is very easy! With the ultrasonic cleaner, you can make your denture care fast and clean.

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