How To Clean Your Phones?

  • 2019-09-23 09:17:54

Why do you need to clean your phones?

With richer function, mobile phone has become the most efficient tool in our daily life. They are our social tools, news browsers, GPS navigation devices, game consoles, toys and even our office equipment.

However, the most people don't realize that phones have another identity - a bacteria collecter. We use cell phones at all the time, while eating, exercising, working or even going to the toilet. But we don't wash hands before using mobile phones. As for this, bacteria from various sources easily converge and multiply on our phones with our use.

According to the survey given by researchers, the density of bacteria on mobile phones is even 18 times larger than that of public toilets. These bacteria are very likely to affect your and your family's health. So we recommend to clean your phones frequently.

How to clean your phones?

Water, wipes or chemical disinfectants? Maybe you need a Phone Sanitizer. When using water or chemical disinfectant to disinfect the phones, we also worry that they might seep into phones and damage our phones. But the Phone Sanitizer will solve this problem perfectly.

ATYOU Phone Sanitizer uses UV and Ozone double sterilization, so that the phones will not be shorted by water, and there will be no toxic residues either. Exclusive vertical design and 3 UVC lights make sterilization more effective. Ozone can directly reach the gaps in the mobile phone to ensure complete sterilization. Just 10mins, give you a clean cell phone.

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