How To Disinfect Baby Bottles While Traveling Abroad With A Cute Baby?

  • 2019-11-28 09:50:46

"How can I disinfect baby bottles while traveling overseas?", "I want to know how to disinfect baby bottle easily even while traveling", "I want to reduce my luggage as much as possible when traveling", etc.. These are questions must be solved before dad&moms going travel abroad with their cute baby, who is drinking powdered milk. Therefore, we collect several baby bottle disinfection methods, including both traditional and modern methods.

The traditional methods are disinfection with cleaning detergent, microwave disinfection and using disposable baby bottle. But each of the methods has obvious shortcoming.

· Disinfect with detergent method--it is strong in sterilization but it takes time to wash with the detergent then water, and wait for the bottles drying takes another few hours.

· Microwave disinfection is more convenient and takes shorter time, but the disadvantage is that it cannot work without a microwave oven. When you are traveling, not every hotel equips with a microwave oven; Moreover, containers and baby bottles become very hot after disinfection, which might cause burns.

· The third method--use disposable baby bottle. Some of them can be used hygienically, requiring no cleaning and disinfecting, but you might face other problems at the same time: nipples do not fit your bottle, and the amount of milk coming out is too much to drink, and your baby doesn’t drink at all.

In a word, the three above mentioned methods are not widely used when travel overseas. Instead, the modern disinfection method is becoming more and more popular over the world---portable UV baby bottle sterilizer and dryer.

The portable UV baby bottle sterilizer and dryer / UV bottle sterilizer can dry bottle completely in 5 minutes under low-temp condition, disinfect and kill bacteria with UV in 30 minutes, with working noise lower than 40 dB. Also, the whole UV bottle sterilizer's weight is only 0.5kg. For sure, this is safer, faster and more convenient portable bottle sterilizer and dryer for the parents loving traveling. For more options, you can google the keywords such as travel baby sterilizer or feeding bottle sterilizer, or just check on, to find most convenient and price friendly sterilizer.

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