To New Parents: Tips To Wash, Sterilize And Store Baby Bottles

  • 2019-11-08 09:30:38

Firstly, congratulations to new parents for meeting new member of the family. While being very happy with new baby, the new parents will also worry about the daily care of babies. Here we offer some tips on how to wash, sterilize and store baby bottles correctly. Hope this will help for easier daily baby care.

How to wash the baby bottles?

In fact, every parent knows how to wash the baby bottle. It is as simple as cleaning the sports bottle, only needs to be more careful. The bottle has many small gaps between the seal ring, the silicone nipple and the plastic cover. These gaps tend to keep nutritious liquids such as milk and baby's saliva in daily use. If you do not clean these liquids, it is easy to breed bacteria that might harm your baby's health.

Therefore, you would need to disassemble all the parts to clean the gaps of the bottle before washing (whether using hand or dishwasher). If washing by hand, thoroughly rinse the gaps of the parts with clean water after the washing is completed.

# Various compound cleaners are not required for daily cleaning. If a compound cleaner is used, be sure to clean it with clean water.

How to sterilize the baby bottles?

We all know that bacteria are everywhere in life, and they spread through many channels, including the air. Therefore, we routinely disinfect the bottle to ensure that the baby won't be harmed by bacteria. The bottle disinfection methods commonly used in our homes are by disinfectant, boiling, steam and UV. Among them, use UV to sterilize baby bottles is a good choice.

Ultraviolet radiation directly destroys the RNA and DNA of bacteria and viruses, killing bacteria in a short time. UV does not produce compound residues that may affect your baby's health, nor does it cause high-temperature damage to plastic bottles. So, UV sterilizer is a more Eco-Friendly Bottle Sterilizer.

# If high-temperature disinfection is used, please ensure that the bottle material is resistant to high temperatures.

How to store the bottle?

Many new parents are very concerned about the cleaning and disinfection of the bottle, but ignore the correct storage of the bottle. They store the wet bottles into the cabinet, but the warm and moist environment will facilitate the growth of microorganisms. Before stored, baby bottles should be thoroughly dried and sterilized. This operation will make the bottles to remain sterile for a long time. Some powerful Electric Bottle Steriliser in the market combines the disinfection and drying functions, to achieve this correct operation in one step.

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