To Prevent COVID-19, You Need These Items

  • 2020-04-02 09:28:51

At the beginning of 2020, the global outbreak of COVID-19 had a sudden impact on people's lives. The COVID-19 has more infectious and destructive power than the flu, and as an emerging virus, now there is no specific effective medicine for the COVID-19. Therefore, prevention is the best way to deal with the epidemic at present. In this article, we will discuss with you what can help you prevent COVID-19 better.

Protective equipment

As a respiratory infectious disease, similar to influenza, COVID-19 mainly uses droplets as a carrier to enter people's bodies through mouth and nose. In some special cases, the COVID-19 also enter human body through the eyes. Therefore, to prevent COVID-19 and keep it out of human body, people would better use protective equipment, which is of most importance in daily activities.

COVID-19 is a virus that can spread during the incubation period. In public places, you can't be sure whether the seemingly healthy passers-by around you are unwitting spreaders of the COVID-19. Protective equipment such as masks and goggles can prevent droplets from entering your body directly. It can also prevent your hands from touching your mouth, nose, and eyes and sending viruses into your body.

For masks, please choose disposable masks or medical masks that can block droplets. Because only these masks are effective protective equipment. In response to the current situation of masks shortage, experts provide an easy way to help you. To use UV sterilization box for the comprehensive disinfection of the mask. This can slightly increase service time of disposable mask.

Germicidal hand sanitizer and disinfectant

When you return to your home or office from a public place, the virus may attach to your hands or clothes and follow you into the room. Therefore, for the health concern of yourself and your family, please clean up as soon as you enter the room. Wash every corner of your hands thoroughly with germicidal hand sanitizer and disinfect your clothes thoroughly with appropriate disinfectants. Masks also need to be simply sterilized, sealed and discarded.

According to experts, 75% alcohol and chlorine-containing disinfectants can effectively kill COVID-19.

Electronic disinfection equipment

Most viruses can survive on object surfaces or in the air for hours or more. To prevent the second spreading of viruses, people need to frequently disinfect all kinds of objects and the environment in the room, for better resisting COVID-19. At this point, you may need some electric steriliser set to clean items that are not suitable for the use of liquid disinfectants.

Ultraviolet is an efficient disinfection technology that can kill all kinds of viruses, and many common home UV disinfection equipment is good tools against COVID-19. For example, you can use a UV phone sanitizer to disinfect mobile phones, cash, glasses and other common items that may be contaminated outdoors. For example, you can often use air disinfector or ultraviolet light sanitizer to prevent the circulation of air from bringing outdoor viruses.

The correct use of these items, more importantly, avoid crowding, can help you better prevent COVID-19. Finally, I wish everyone good health and stay away from the virus.

Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer

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