Unique Gifts Ideal For 2020 Christmas

  • 2020-10-13 15:19:59

Christmas 2020 is coming, and it's time to prepare Christmas gifts for family and friends. So, what is the best gift for Christmas 2020?

In 2020, COVID-19 makes wellness be the most concerning the content of the entire world. Therefore, the most suitable Christmas gift this year should be the gift that will keep people healthy. Here we have prepared a list of products that can help people protect their health. Hope this list can help you choose the most suitable Christmas gift for 2020

Protective Mask

In 2020, some protective masks using the latest technology appeared on the global market. They usually use durable materials and have built-in new filter systems or mini UV light air purifier, which can continuously provide healthy air to the wearer. These new masks can help people effectively stay away from the flu virus and COVID virus when going out, and compared to traditional protective masks, the new masks can keep people breathing more smoothly. Generally, the new technology masks have a fashionable appearance and reusable characteristics. They are fashionable health gifts that very suitable for the 2020 Christmas.

UV Sanitizing Box Dryer

UV disinfection box is a household disinfection equipment with compound disinfection functions, which is suitable for deep cleaning of more types of daily belongings and can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. It has built-in an ultraviolet disinfection system and a 60℃germicidal drying system. The ultraviolet disinfection system is suitable for electronic products, including cellphones, Bluetooth headsets, smartwatches, etc. The UV + 60℃warm air drying function is suitable for deep cleaningof various non-electronic products, including masks, pacifiers, glasses, etc. This is a practical technology gift suitable for family and friends of all ages.

Cutting Board UVC Sterilizer

The cutting board UVC sterilizer hook is a newly emerging household kitchen disinfection equipment. It uses an ultraviolet germicidal lamp for purely physical deep cleaning of the cutting board that touches the food every day. Just hang the cutting board on it and will automatically start the sterilization. It can kill the germs transmitted to the chopping board through food and packaging bags in a short time. The cutting board UVC sterilizer is light and simple in appearance and easy to use. It is a tech product that can help reduce the burden of kitchen cleaning.

Steam Mop

Electronic steam mop is a household cleaning equipment with sterilization and cleaning functions. A steam mop can produce high-temperature water vapor, which can effectively sterilize and clean the floor without chemical detergent. At the same time, high-temperature steam also helps to remove some stubborn stains from the floor, makes cleaning easier and more eco-friendly.

Portable UV Sanitizing Wand

The portable UV sanitizing wand is a handheld disinfection equipment that suitable for carrying around. It has an excellent germicidal function, and it can easily fast disinfect lift buttons, doorknobs, cash, etc. with one-button operation. The portable UV sterilizer is very light and thin, can be easily put into a personal pocket, and can be used 100 times just with 0.5 hours charged. It is a trendy clean tech gift.

UVC Sanitizer Box Dryer

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