What Is The Best Bottle Sterilizer?

  • 2019-10-18 08:57:23

"What is the best choice of baby bottle sterilizer?" This is a common question for every new parent.

There are so many sterilizers that you can buy from Walmart or Amazon. It's hard to choose. So today we list and analyse the main types of bottle sterilization machines in the market. It will help you to choose the best baby bottle sterilizer.

Microwave Steam Bottles Sterilizer Box (Sterilizer Bag)

This type of sterilizer often uses with microwave machines. Users heat the water by microwave to generate steam and sterilize baby bottles with high-temperature steam. These sterilizers are small and have a cheap price, but you must have a microwave machine for use.

Baby Bottles Steam Sterilizers

Baby bottles steam sterilizers also use high-temperature steam for bottle sterilization. It is a built-in heating system. So, It can run the disinfection process by itself.

※ Before using any types of steam sterilizers, please make sure the baby bottle's material can resist temperature higher than 248℉ (120℃).

UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer Cabinet

These items usually are big UV Sterilizer Boxes. They sterilize the baby bottle with short-wave ultraviolet. But it requires a large space to store bottles that are not frequently used. The UV light will kill the bacteria thoroughly in a very short time, but plastic baby bottles & nipples aging will turn faster when stored in UV light for a long time.

ATYOU 2019 New Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer and Dryer

This mini baby bottle sterilizer and dryer is designed by ATYOU Health tech in 2019. This is a fast, safe and eco-friendly baby bottle sterilization and drying machine. The UVC LED in the sterilizer will complete the sterilization in 5 minutes. ATYOU's unique internal heating technology will dry the bottles in 30 minutes with low temperature (50-60℃) warm air. It will make the bottle dry, eliminating damp environment for germs growth again. ATYOU baby bottle UV sterilizer and dryer provides parents a more efficient way to clean and dry baby bottles anytime.

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