Why Are These Sterilizers Necessary?

  • 2021-03-22 16:22:43

Disinfection is a step of further cleaning. It can kill more bacteria and viruses than washing. In general, healthy people have a good defense against the germ, it is not easy to be affected by a few germs. Having good cleaning habits in life is enough to help people stay away from the most germ.

However, for most families, there are still some sterilizers that are necessary.

UVC Air Sterilizer

Infectious respiratory diseases are a very common type of disease in life. They are very destructive but easy to be ignored. Just because of influenza, hundreds of thousands of people die every year in the world, and many of them are adults. Influenza is just one of many infectious respiratory diseases.

There are many pathogens of infectious respiratory diseases that can be transmitted through the air, including COVID. They can easily spread to every corner of the room through the pipes of various HVAC systems, spreading the disease to the elderly, children, and even healthy adults. Daily hygiene habits are also often difficult to stop the spread of germs in the indoor air.

UV light air purifier is a cleaning device that can efficiently eliminate pathogens in the air. The use of ultraviolet air sterilizers can quickly kill airborne bacteria and viruses, protect everyone in the family, and reduce the risk of respiratory infections.

Kitchen Sterilizers

A kitchen is also a place where it is necessary to equip sterilizers in the house.

For human health, the cleanliness and safety of food are so important. A kitchen is a place in the home where food and drink are produced, and it is also one of the places where germs are most likely to spread. The germs may come from the outside, or those that grow naturally in a wet kitchen environment, such as mold. When handling food, these germs are easily spread to the food through tableware and kitchen utensils and eventually invade the human body.

Therefore, it is necessary for most families to keep disinfection cabinets, UV cutting board sterilizers, and other disinfection appliances in the kitchen to ensure that food, tableware, and kitchen utensils are kept clean at all times.

Sterilizer for Baby Products

The immune system of children, especially babies, is still under construction. Their resistance to all kinds of bacteria and viruses is very weak.  Little germs or chemical disinfectant ingredients that are harmless to adults all may have a huge impact on children's health. For the healthy growth of children, higher requirements for environmental hygiene and food hygiene are particularly important.

Electric sterilizers special for baby products are so necessary for families who have children. These devices usually can quickly sterilize at any time, and will not produce worrying chemical by-products, for example, baby bottle electric sterilisers and toys disinfection boxes. The design of special disinfection can ensure that this equipment has better sterilization performance, and it can also ensure that there will be no cross-contamination between the items to be disinfected.

UV Light Air Purifier

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