YYOO Cell Phone Sanitizer (Phone Solarium) FAQs (1)

  • 2020-03-03 14:58:04

1. Q: How does YYOO Cell Phone Sanitizer work? Does it sterilize the front and back side of the phone at the same time?

A: YYOO cell phone sanitizer sterilizes the phone with UVC irradiation and ozone. UVC is high energy ray that can destroys the DNA and RNA of germs and bacteria. Ozone can destroy the protein structure and genetic material of bacteria and virus. UVC irradiation and Ozone are effective sterilization methods, and are usually used in medical care and lab. Therefore, this smartphone UV sanitizer can kill the bacteria (E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa etc.) and virus (2019-ncov, influenza virus etc.) on the phone in a short time.

This UV Cell phone sanitizer is equipped with 3 UV lamps that can generate ultraviolet rays and ozone at the same time, with one in the front bracket and two in the rear brackets. The lamps can illuminate the front and back of the phone from all angles, and the germicidal efficiency is as high as 99.999%.

2. Q: Will YYOO Cell Phone sanitizer fit for my phone?

A: This electric phone sanitizer has enough space, suitable for most smartphones in the market. It can disinfect any mobile phone that can be put in.

Dimension limit:

Inch: 7.2*3.5*0.78in

MM: 155*90*20mm

Use the customized 3-in-1 (lightning, Micro USB, Type-C/USB-C) universal charging cord, YYOO cell phone sanitizer can charge almost all mainstream smartphones, such as iPhone, HUAWEI, Samsung, Oneplus, Nokia, Google, Mi, Honor, LG and so on.

3. Q: Is YYOO cell phone sanitizer safe to people?

A: The UVC and ozone used in the YYOO mobile phone sanitizer are all-natural disinfectants with no toxic by-residues. They will be completely dissipated and decomposed in short time after the sterilization function stopped.

We have designed two safety switches. One is magnetic induction and the other one is press switch. The phone sterilizer will stop working when the bamboo case is taken off or there is nothing to press the switch. They will further ensure the safety of users.

4. Q: Can I keep the phone case on my phone while disinfection?

A: Of course. We suggest you do so. Because the phone case is also gathering bacteria. Although UVC can hardly penetrate the phone case, ozone can reach all parts through the gaps. The ozone produced by the YYOO cell phone sanitizer can reach all small gaps, so putting the phone case together will not reduce the germicidal efficacy. Its germicidal efficacy is better than other disinfector products that use only UVC light.

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