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Portable Shoe Dryer Sterilizer

55℃ thermostatic warm air drying device, ozone sterilizer & odor remover, mini shoe & glove dryer.

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Product Detail

Portable Shoe Dryer Sterilizer

Product Item:  Portable Shoe Glove Dryer Sterilizer

ATYOU portable shoe dryer sterilizer integrates drying, sterilization, deodorization, warming shoe and dehumidify functions all in one. This electric boot dryer sterilizer adopts 55℃ constant temperature warm air drying technology and ozone sterilization technology, which is safe for both shoes and users.


· 55℃ Thermostatic: With the specially designed drying system, the drying temperature is controlled at about 55℃inthe whole process. Drying shoes with mild warm air but not hot air, will not damage the shoes.

· Efficient: Easy to dry thoroughly the drenched shoes in one night. Besides, it takes only 10 minutes to warm the shoes & boot in the winter or rainy season, so users can easily get dry and comfortable shoes.

· Eco-friendly Sterilization: Ozone gas is a natural sanitizer, which can effectively kill all kinds of fungi and bacteria and prevent all kinds of foot skin diseases.

· Odor Remover: Ozone can quickly oxidize and decompose a variety of odor substances. Frequent use can effectively remove sweat smell and stink in shoes.

· Ideal for More: Suitable for drying shoes, sneaker, mitten, gloves, and socks.

· One-button Operation: Sensitive touch button. Easy to use for anyone.

· Lightweight & Mini: Only weight 300g. A mini body easily packed into your suitcase. ATYOU travel portable shoe dryer sanitizer will be one of your best clean tools both at home and when travelling out.

Key specifications:

Rated Input:220V (100-240V available)

Rated Power:50W

Drying Power:45W

Ozone Generation:50mg/h

Size:144*136*83.5 mm



 Portable Shoe Glove Dryer Sterilizer



Q: What is the MOQ of this boot dryer? Do you accept small orders?

A: Usually the MOQ is 1000 pcs. For new customers, we accept test orders less than 1000 pcs quantity.

Q: How about the delivery time?

A: Generally, we can finish your order in 30 days.

Q: What is your travel shoe dryer sterilizer warranty? 

A: 12 months for parts and labor against quality defects.

Q: Do you accept OEM or ODM?

A: Yes, of course, and we offer one-stop service for product design, mould design, mould manufacturing, injection, assembly and other aspects.

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