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What Are The Trends Of Small Household Appliances In 2023?

What Are The Trends Of Small Household Appliances In 2023?

  • Dec 08, 2022

In 2022, the global consumer market has changed significantly due to various global factors such as epidemics, wars, and inflation. Many market segments have a relatively significant scale shrinkage. After experiencing the decline fluctuation in the first half of the year, the household appliance market's development in the second half year showed strong market resilience. Affected by online factors such as online retailing and social networking platforms, the sales of home appliances, particularly small appliances, have stabilized and shown a potential for growth in the second half of the year. Researchers, investors, and small household appliance manufacturers are optimistic about the future trend of the small home appliance consumer market.

Towards the end of 2022, changes in consumer choice data this year also show how small appliances will develop over the next period. Small household appliance industry practitioners will get future business opportunities.



Since the concept of smart homes is proposed, the trend of intellectualization of household appliances has not stopped. This will not change in the future.

Research data show that people are increasingly inclined to buy smart home appliances. Especially in household appliances and kitchen and bathroom appliances, people tend to purchase proportions of intelligent equipment more than 41.6%and 37.2%. At the same time, people's demand for intelligence is becoming more and more rational. A simple mobile remote control function is no longer smart function enough for consumers. People are no longer satisfied with this. How to introduce AI more into home appliances? How to combine home appliances with the Internet of Things to make them more intelligent? These will be the main goals of the next development of smart home appliances.


Integrated Health Functions

Since the epidemic in 2020, the concept of health has penetrated all aspects of people's lives, including various consumer markets. The influence is the same in the small appliance market. And the impact is long-term. One notable example is that until the end of 2022, ultraviolet air purifiers remain one of the most concerned small household appliances in various sales channels.

In the past two years, many new cleaning appliances and electronic disinfectors have once become the hottest products on the market. But as the market saturates, many of these products are being left out this year. Consumer perceptions of health appliance products are also changing. They hope to integrate health products into life and improve the convenience of using these products. They do not want too many electronic devices to become a burden in life. At the same time, home appliance developers have also begun to study the upgrading of traditional household appliances, disinfection, cleaning, and other functions for health add to home appliances direct. This will make consumers more convenient to use these functions. In the future, integrated cleaning, disinfection, and other health functions of household appliances will be the first choice for many consumers.


Energy Saving

With energy prices at record highs this year, many people are saddled with high energy bills far more than ever. This has made many people realize the importance of energy conservation. More people have deeper feelings about that this winter. According to market researchers, upgrading energy-saving appliances will become a high demand in the 2023 market. People will purchase and use more energy-efficient home appliances and small appliances to cope with high household energy bills.

Take examples of the heaters, dishwashers, sterilizer cabinets, and kitchen appliances that are common in homes. These have long been large energy consumers. In the coming years, people will pay more attention to these appliances' energy efficiency and choose more energy-efficient products to cut their energy bills.


Online Retail

At the end of the year, the small appliance sales got rid of the downward trend and stabilized. One of the key factors is networking. Diversified online sales platforms and the vigorous development of various social networks have further promoted the sales recovery of small household appliances. According to market research, the Online channel held 21% of the US small appliances market share in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.63%. In the meantime, China market researchers found that the sales of small household appliances in China are accelerating from offline to online channels. According to statistics, the online proportion of small home appliance sales in China has exceeded 76%. The performance of other countries and regions is also similar. As a result, we can foresee that online sales of small home appliances will occupy an important position, and products will become more suitable for online channels.

Take the examples of small appliances such as electric shoe dryers and steam irons. Many products are from different brands but have similar appearances because they are mostly OEM products from the same source. And these devices usually are relatively large. In the past, these features were not a problem when selling mainly through offline channels. When the product is sold online more, the homogenization of competition caused by these will become more obvious and intense. The large device will make the network sales terminal transportation costs increase, thus reducing the competitiveness of the product. Improving the product to be more fit for online sales will be the next thing that small appliance manufacturers need to do, and also an important development trend of small household appliances.

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