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CES 2023 Digital Health And Small Appliance Industry Trends And Focus

CES 2023 Digital Health And Small Appliance Industry Trends And Focus

  • Jan 11, 2023

On January 5, 2023, CES 2023, the annual electronics event, opened in Las Vegas. This year marks the first year since 2020 that CES has fully resumed offline exhibitions. More than 3000 well-known brands, household appliance manufacturers, and technological innovators from around the world gathered at the scene, bringing the latest electronic and appliance products and technologies. Over the years, the focus at CES has been on extensive household appliance technology, digital technology, and computer technology. This year, digital health, smart home appliances, and other aspects showed many future products, technology trends, and conceptual directions. These contents have attracted more and more attention from relevant practitioners at the scene and have become another spotlight in the industry this year.


Better health management

This year's show continues the trend of digital health technology at CES 2022. At CES 2023, the application of digital health technology is becoming more comprehensive and detailed.

At the show, many future products with excellent innovative technologies demonstrated how to help people monitor and manage their health more comprehensively and accurately. For example, the Withings U-Scan urine analyzer attracted a lot of attention and inquiries from industry personnel on site. It is a small home urine health laboratory. For example, the Withings U-Scan urine analyzer attracted a lot of attention and inquiries from industry personnel on site. It is a small home urine health laboratory. With a simple installation, it can monitor and manage the health of family members by sampling and analyzing urine. And it can also connect to apps to provide users with professional health management advice. Another one is the Smartooth dental care device, a new home dental care device that helps users monitor and manage dental health. It's precise and easy to use. It is one of the winners of this CES202 Innovation Award. There are many similar digital health management products available at CES2023, covering everything from professional healthcare to home and personal health management.


More user experience-focused healthcare and cleaning devices

One of the trends we can see from the products at CES2023 is that healthcare and cleaning appliance manufacturers are increasingly focusing on improving the user experience. In healthcare and cleaning appliances R&D, they are becoming more and more emphasis on user experience.

Dyson showed off a new personal air purification system at this year's exhibition. It combines a noise-reducing headset with an air purifier to create a portable air purification system with an excellent noise-reduction experience. When activated, the noise-reducing headphones can block the noise generated by the air purifier fan, thus achieving a better portable use experience. Nest's electric toothbrush kit is more focused on the user experiences of the elderly or disabled. Its kit combines a toothpaste dispenser and a UV light toothbrush sterilizer. It can be conveniently operated by one hand. Thereby being more convenient for the daily use of people with limited hand movement. These products may not be very future in their features, but they focus on user experience far more than their predecessor's products.


Smarter Small Appliances

One of the main development directions in the household appliance industry in the past two years is smart appliances. Different from previous years, today's smart products have become no longer satisfied with just remote-control functions but are more closely integrated with AI technology and sensing technology, getting closer to true intelligence.

This trend is particularly evident at CES2023, where many small home appliance manufacturers have brought their latest smart small appliances. One of the winners of this year's CES Innovation Awards was GE's Profile Smart Mixer. This product combines AI technology, smart scales, and a variety of sensors. Its most important feature is its Auto Sense technology. Using motor toque feedback, it optimizes mixing performance depending on your mixture’s changes in texture and viscosity. With that, it achieves a truly intelligent stirring that makes baking easier. At CES this year, there is another smart kitchen cutting board device that combines AI capabilities. The VersaWare Smart Kitchen Cutting Board provides automated nutrition calculation using AI. In fact, driven by recipe AI and real-time nutrition breakdowns, this gadget will help user pair healthy eating with fast and efficient meal creation. In addition, there are more intelligent small household appliances that attracted a lot of attention at CES2023, including intelligent sweeping robots, intelligent welding machines, and so on. These products are getting closer and closer to people's ideas and needs for real intelligence devices.


CES shows a large number of electronic and electrical products representing the future every year and shows people the changing trend of future life. Following CES can help manufacturers and technical innovators understand the market and future technology development.


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