2020's UV Sterilizer Products Hot List (1)

  • 2020-11-23 15:07:37

In 2020, some special changes have taken place in the global consumer market, making the trend of hot products of the market very different from previous years. Health & cleaning products and household lifestyle products have been becoming hot spots in the market this year. Among them, UV sterilizer products have attracted more attention due to this year's epidemic, their styles and sales are increasing rapidly, become sales stars in the 2020 global market.

Portable UVC Sanitizing Wand

The portable UVC sanitizing wand is a kind of small handheld UV disinfection device, which is usually designed for people to fast sterilize some small items anytime and anywhere. With the development of tech, the portable UVC sanitizing wands now usually use the latest UVC LEDs rather than mercury lamps which are easily damaged, so they become lighter, thinner and safer. And will use built-in rechargeable Li-batteries or dry cells power supply for convenient use at any time. Overall, it is a convenient disinfection product that can be carried closely.

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, more people have begun to purchase portable UVC sanitizing wand to quickly disinfect public elevator buttons, door handles, or masks anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the portable UV sanitizing wand became the most popular product among UV sterilizers in 2020.

Multifunctional UV Sterilizer Box

Because of the epidemic, people's awareness of the cleaning of daily items is increasing. More and more people hope to do daily and convenient deep cleaning of various items, including electronics, masks, coins, keys, jewelry, and others. The multifunctional UV sterilizer box is a product that responds to people's complex sterilization needs. The product is preset with two sterilization functions: UVC sterilization and 60℃warm air germicidal drying. The combined disinfection function can be used for more different types of daily items. Provide efficient deep sterilization. And the germicidal drying function will make the storage environment clean and dry, extend the aseptic time to help the clean storage of some items.

UVC ray and 60℃germicidal heating are both the effective pure physical sterilization methods for most bacteria and viruses, and there are no harmful residues. With testing by third-party laboratories, some combined UV sterilization and drying devices with these two sterilization methods sterilization a contaminated medical mask can reduce the COVID19 virus on it for 4log10, the sterilization rate reaches 99.99%. Because of its excellent performance and designs more in line with complex needs, the multifunction UV sterilizer box has performed very well in the 2020's global consumer market.

UV Mask

At the beginning of the epidemic in early 2020, protective masks became one of the most important resources in the world, and they were once in short supply. To provide masks with better protective effect and a longer lifetime, R&D persons have combined the UVC sterilization tech into the latest mask products. The Built-in active sterilization function will improve the protection level and lifetime greatly of the mask. Some UV masks also built-in mini active air circulation systems at the same time, that will make users can enjoy smooth and relaxed breathing while the mask is protecting their health.

Innovative design, better experience, and eased the tight supply of masks. UV mask received a very good market response in 2020.

Home UV Air sterilizer

Non-filtering UV air sterilizers focused on disinfection function have not been an attractive choice in the home appliance market for a long time in the past. Before 2020, people are not so concerned about the importance of air sterilization, and when choosing air purification products, most people preferred to choose filter air purifiers, because when people see dust and hair on the filter, they feel that More effective. However, although UV air sterilizers are not the first choice of home consumers, they have always been trusted air purification equipment in hospitals and other professional places.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, people have learned more about respiratory diseases in 2020, and government propaganda makes more people pay attention to daily air health.  For preventing viruses and bacteria from spreading through the air, home UV air sterilizers that can kill germs are becoming the first choice for home consumers.

Multifunction UVC Sterilizer Dryer Box

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