2020's UV Sterilizer Products Hot List (2)

  • 2020-12-02 10:58:46

In 2020, some special changes have taken place in the global consumer market, making the trend of hot products of the market very different from previous years. Health & cleaning products and household lifestyle products have been becoming hot spots in the market this year. Among them, UV sterilizer products have attracted more attention due to this year's epidemic, their styles and sales are increasing rapidly. The innovative UV sterilizer products that focus on the needs of segmented scenarios now are selling well on the market, they are the star products of this year's consumer electronics market.

UV cell phone sanitizer

A few years ago, the UV cell phone sanitizers had attracted the attention of many people on the US tech reality show "Shark Tank", and get stable sales growth on various shopping platforms. This year, the market attracts more innovators to invest in the new products development of UV cell phone sanitizer, and the sales of UV cell phone sanitizers are increasing by a large margin again.

The styles of new UV cell phone sanitizer have explosively increased on the market in 2020. These products follow the development of mobile phones and added many new functions, including wireless charging, soundbox functions, phone holders, desktop decor, etc. These new UV cell phone sanitizers are more in line with people's daily needs, and they are becoming tech gifts that many people prefer in 2020.

Home UV toilet sterilizer

The toilet is one of the places with the highest gather of germs in a house, and it may also become a channel for viruses and bacteria from the outside to enter the home. According to research, bacteria and viruses washed into the sewer system can survive for a long time and may enter more homes through toilets. In densely populated urban communities, this possibility will be greater. With the outbreak of the epidemic this year, this neglected concept of home clean is being known by more consumers.

Home UV toilet sterilizer is a household UVC sterilizer that can quickly and conveniently sterilize, and remove the toilet odor. Compared with traditional toilet disinfectants, home UV toilet sterilizers have the advantages of low cost and no dangerous chemical pollution. Therefore, starting from the second quarter of 2020, the sales of home UV toilet sterilizers are growing strong and steady.

UVC chopping board sterilizer

In 2020, the news of the spread of the coronavirus through the food cool chain is frequent, which makes people pay more and more attention to food safety in the home kitchen. The sales of various household kitchen UV sterilizers grow steadily in 2020, and the manufacturers are launching various new kitchen UV disinfection products faster than in past years to meet consumers' more diverse kitchen cleaning needs.

Home UVC chopping board sterilizer is a new household disinfection equipment. It uses UVC germicidal irradiation to eliminate the bacteria and viruses remaining on the chopping boards that come from frozen food packaging and other items to prevent food from germs pollution. This year, there are many types of UVC chopping board sterilizers on the global market, including the product sets with their own chopping board and sterilizers, and UVC chopping board sterilizer hooks which ideal for boards of more specifications. Because of various styles and meeting the needs of consumers, the UVC chopping board sterilizer has become one of the bestsellers in 2020.

Smart Public Space UVC Sterilizer

Brick-and-mortar businesses around the world have been hit hard this year because of the epidemic. When all kinds of commercial places restart operation again, how to ensure the hygiene of all kinds of crowded places has become a new important management challenge for business operators. Therefore, sterilizer manufacturers have developed various new types of sterilizers for use in public, including Smart Lift Elevator UV Sterilizer Light, commercial HVAC sterilizer, AI disinfection robots, etc.

Compared with the traditional simple high-power UV germicidal light, these new public space UVC sterilizer usually have more sensors and work more intelligently. While completing efficient sterilization, they also pay more attention to how to reduce labor costs and safer sterilization work. In some crowded business places, these new smart public space UVC sterilizer has become a publicity point to attract guests during the epidemic.

It is believed that with the improvement of global consumer health awareness and the massive investment of R & D personnel, there will be more innovative UV disinfection products will appear in the future, and more UV disinfection products become best-selling stars around the world.

Home UVC Chopping Board Sanitizer

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