After Back To Work, These Items Help To Keep Away From Viruses & Illness Better

  • 2020-06-12 09:18:32

Return to work/school is what people want most now. Disrupted by COVID-19 for months, people are more like to back to normal life than ever. Now the governments are planning to liberalize the ban and guide people to gradually restore the normal operation of society. We all need to get back to normal, but the threat of the virus is not over, so we need protective equipment and disinfection products to help us better stay away from viruses and diseases.

Protective Product and Social Distance

After fighting against COVID-19 for months, people have learned that wearing masks and keeping a social distance are the best means of epidemic prevention. Experts from the CDC of every nation also advise people to wear masks in the densely populated areas, and try to keep 1-meter social distance from others. Countries returning to work in order have also proved that protective equipment and the right social distance are indeed the simplest and most effective ways to help people away from the virus in daily life.

Portable Efficient Sterilizer

Back to work, we will inevitably contact with more people and more public goods. You don’t know who has touched the lift button that you will press, or who has sneezed near the doorknob that you will hold. In the cases, you need some portable & efficient cleaning items, and use them to clean your hands or lift buttons and doorknobs. For example, a little bottle of water-free hand sanitizer or a handheld portable UV sanitizer. Efficient UV sanitizing wand can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in short time. Irradiated for a while, the lift buttons will be free of bacteria and viruses. Then users can press without worry. A rechargeable Handheld UV Light Sterilizer can be used many times when fully charged, so it is very convenient to use when go outside in daily life.

Home Sterilizer with Higher Applicability

Beside worrying about exposure to viruses in the public, people are more concerned about accidentally bringing the COVID virus home. So, it is very important to do a thorough cleaning before arrive home. The daily used small items are very easy to collect and transmit bacteria and viruses, including phone, cash, wallet, keys etc. Some research said that the germs on the phone are 18x times than in the toilet. Usually people are more accustomed to using traditional methods to clean items at homes, such as disinfectant or microwave steam, but these methods might damage mobile phones or cash and other items. For small electronics, paper and some metal items, a LED UV sterilizer box is more suitable and safer than highly corrosive disinfectant. It is ideal to use a desktop UV cleaner box with large capacity at home. After getting home every day, put your cellphone, cash, and other items into it for disinfection. It only takes a few minutes, easy to keep germ away from home.

Choosing and using befitting protective equipment and disinfection equipment will help everyone return to normal work & life more quickly. Wish all health.

LED UV Sterilizer Box

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