UV Sterilizer Box FAQs

  • 2020-07-14 14:48:32

1.Q: Why add the drying function in the UV sterilizer box?

A: The moist environment is most conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria and other microorganisms. So, we design the drying & UV version of the UV sterilizer box. We add the warm air drying function and make the drying temperature stay at about 60℃(140℉. According to WHO, keep at the temperature of about 140℉to 150℉will more help to kill most germs. ).  That will reduce the moist and prevent secondary pollution caused by wet weather.

2. Q: What are the interior dimensions? And what can be sterilized by this UV sterilizer box?

A: This UV sterilizer box has a 1 L large capacity. The interior dimensions are 185*105*65 mm.

This UV disinfection box is ideal for sterilizing any things that you can put in it, including cellphones, glasses, wallets, masks, sex toys, makeup tools, etc.

This electric steriliser set has a clean storage function that will sterilize (or sterilization with drying) items per ten hours. This function will keep an aseptic state of items in it around-the-clock. It is very suitable to be a medical box to storage some small family first aid items, including bandages, cotton swabs, masks, etc.

3.Q: As the UV light will stop while the cover opens, that how to know if the UV light is actually working?

A: For safety use of everyone, we set a magnetic induction safety switch in the LED UV sterilizer box. It makes the UV light stop working while the cover is opened.

There is an easy way to know the UV LED if working. While the UV LED Sterilizer is working for sterilization, you can see the light turn the air outlet blue.

4.Q: Should it need to take out the batteries while sterilizing sex toys, remote control, or other electronic items?

A: The UV light is safe for batteries. So, it doesn't need to remove the batteries from the items that you sterilize them just with UV sterilization function.

As the drying function can reach a temperature of about 60℃, and this temperature is easy to affect the performance of batteries. Therefore, while using the drying function to drying or sterilize items with batteries, please remove the batteries for better.

UV Sterilizer Box

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