ATYOU Chopping Board Sterilizer Hook FAQs

  • 2022-01-06 09:36:28

Q:  Does this Chopping board sterilizer suitable for my cutting board?

A:  This product is a chopping board disinfection machine of storage hook type. Its load-bearing capacity is up to 2kg. Suitable for disinfecting and storage most home cutting boards with hanging holes on the market.

You can use this chopping board UV sterilizer directly while your chopping board has a hanging hole bigger than 4*1 cm (wide*high). If the hanging hole is small than that, you need to add a short hanging rope to hang the cutting board on this sterilizer.

Q: Can I install this cutting board sterilizer in my compact kitchen?


This wall-mounted cutting board sterilizer has a compact body whose size is just 13*6*6 cm. It does not need to connect with a power rope and is powered by two AAA batteries. This UV cutting board sterilizer hook uses a nail-free sticky hook to install. It can be installed on many types of walls easily. Suitable for all kinds of kitchens.

Note: It is recommended to install the sterilizer on the wall near the sink and keep it away from children. That is convenient for draining the cutting board and safer for use.

Q: How to use this UV chopping board sterilizer hook? I cannot find the switch.

A: This UV chopping board sterilizer hook is automatic work. Its hook is the switch. Its UVC germicidal light will auto-on and start sterilization while hanging the chopping board on it. Then it will auto-off while the chopping board has been taken off or the sterilization end.

Note: After hanging the chopping board on it, please check whether the batteries need to replace if the UV light isn't on.

Q: How long can the batteries last?

A: Calculated based on the three meals a day using this UV sterilizer to sterilize the cutting board. Two new AAA batteries can last for about 30 days under normal circumstances.

If you use and sterilize the chopping board relative more every day, that will short the batteries using day.

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