ATYOU UVC Air Sterilizer FAQs (2)

  • 2022-01-26 09:04:42

Q: Will ATYOU UVC child room air sterilizer have adverse side effects on children?

A: No, ATYOU UVC child room air sterilizer will not have adverse side effects on anyone.

ATYOU UVC child room air sterilizer sterilize air with 253.7nm wavelength UV light. When it works, it will not leak UV light, no ozone, no negative ions, and not produce any other by-products.

Q: What size room does ATYOU UVC child room air sterilizer suitable for?

A: The ATYOUUVC Child room air sterilizer efficient coverage is 40㎡. The best space we recommend is 20㎡~40㎡.

While the room is relatively large, long, or has a complex layout, it is recommended to layout multiple air sterilizers according to the situation for best cleaning results.

Q: How long does ATYOU UVC air sterilizer take to clean a room?

A: The time ATYOU UVC light Air sterilizer takes to clean a room is according to many factors, such as the room size, the device location, the crowd movement, and other factors.

Take a 20㎡room with a floor height of 2.5m as an example. On first use, the ATYOU UVC light air purifier will clean the air in the room within 2 hours. It will minimize viruses and bacteria in the air in the room after 4 hours. After this,if you do not turn it off manually, the ATYOU UVC air sterilizer will automatically cycle work and keep the air in the room clean and healthy.

Q: How do I need to operate and maintain the ATYOU UVC air sterilizer?

A: The ATYOU UVC light air sterilizer works automatically. After it is connected to power and powered on, it will work and hibernate automatically.

The ATYOU UVC air sterilizer has washable, reusable primary filters. To keep it working well, it just needs to take the filter off regularly to clean hair and dust.

Note:Please cut off the power before taking the filter off.

Q: Do I need to seek professional help to install this air sterilizer?

A: No, this air sterilizer is easy for anyone to install.

We have included two mounting accessories for this wall-mounted UV air steriliser that weighs only 795g. There are one nail-free hook and one non-marking nail hook. It just needs to determine the installation location (stable wall of any material) and select the hook according to the wall's smooth condition. Please use the nail-free hook when the wall is smooth and use the non-marking nail hook when the wall is rough. Fix the hook, connect the machine to power and hang it on. Then it is ready for use.

Note: Please install the machine out of reach of children.

Baby Nursery UVC Air Purifier

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