ATYOU electric shoe drying rack FAQs (3)

  • 2024-03-08 11:03:02

Q: How long does it typically take for this electric shoe drying rack to completely dry a pair of shoes?

A: For travel shoes and thick casual shoes that have just been washed and have no water accumulation, this electric shoe drying rack usually takes 8-9 hours to completely dry. Thinner shoes like sneakers dry even faster, taking only 4-6 hours to completely dry. If you wash your shoes in the evening, simply let the shoe dryer work overnight, and you'll have dry and comfortable shoes to wear the next morning.

This shoe drying rack also features a 0.5-hour quick-drying mode, making it easy to remove sweat from inside your shoes daily, inhibit bacterial growth in shoes, and keep your feet away from the troubles of foot skin diseases.

Q: Can this shoe dryer reduce or eliminate shoe odors?

A: Yes, it can effectively eliminate various odors from shoes.

Developing a habit of regularly using a shoe dryer, regardless of its type, helps keep shoes fresh and dry. Shoe odors mainly originate from volatile substances in human sweat and bacterial growth in moist environments. Whether it's a pure heating shoe dryer, a UV heating shoe dryer, or an ozone forced-air shoe dryer, these shoe drying devices on the market can accelerate the evaporation of sweat, decompose odor substances, and inhibit bacterial growth, keeping shoes healthy and fresh. Of course, UV heating shoe dryers and ozone forced-air shoe dryers with bactericidal effects and strong oxidation have better deodorizing effects.

Q: Is the temperature of this shoe dryer adjustable?

A: This shoe dryer has an automatic temperature control drying function.

To provide a more convenient user experience and prevent improper temperature settings from damaging shoes, this shoe dryer adopts automatic temperature control technology, intelligently maintaining the drying temperature at 55°C. After long-term experimental verification, this drying temperature is suitable for most shoes in the market, minimizing damage to shoe materials or adhesive, and ensuring safe and efficient drying.

Q: Can I leave shoes on the shoe dryer overnight or for a long time?

A: This shoe dryer operates in timed mode and is equipped with automatic temperature control, so you can confidently leave your shoes on the shoe dryer overnight. Once the set working time is over, the shoe dryer will automatically shut off, ensuring safe and worry-free use.

Q: Can I power this travel boots dryer with a power bank?

A: This travel shoe dryer does not support a portable power bank supply.

The power consumption of this travel boots dryer is only 55W/h, making it an environmentally friendly and energy-saving shoe drying device. However, its power requirements are still higher than the power supply capacity of portable power banks. This shoe dryer has a compact size and low power. It is suitable for various power supply environments ranging from 110V to 240V, making it easy to use in various countries with just changing a plug, making it ideal for travel use.

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