ATYOU Invisalign Ultrasonic Cleaner FAQs

  • 2020-01-13 08:55:16

Question: I just used this ATYOU ultrasonic cleaner for the first time. The device quietly hums but there is no water movement. Is the unit defective?

Answer: The machine is not defective.

For ultrasonic cleaning machines, the ultrasonic vibration frequency is high, but the vibration amplitude isn't large. So while it's working, you can hear a quiet, steady and regular hum, and you can also see water surface rippling slightly, but there will not be too large water flow movement.

There is an easy way to test if the device is working. Put your finger in the water while the ultrasonic cleaner is running, if there is a slight needle prickling feeling, that means the machine will make a good cleaning effect.

Question: Does this ATYOU mini ultrasonic cleaner have a heating function?

Answer: There is not a heating function.

This device is a mini home ultrasonic cleaner designed for cleaning Invisalign aligner, mouth guard, dentures, etc. Hot water will deform clear aligners, dentures and other dental products. So, we designed this dental ultrasonic cleaner to make it completely clean items in 5 mins with an efficient cleaning effect.

Question: Do I need to use a special cleaning solution to cleaning Invisalign retainer and dentures with ATYOU mini dental ultrasonic cleaner?

Answer: It doesn't need any special cleaning solution.

You just need clean water and an ATYOU mini dental ultrasonic cleaner for daily cleaning. No need for special tablets and cleaning solution. This customized ultrasonic cleaning machine for dental products will ensure cleaning results.

For deep clean or sterilize Invisalign retainer and dentures, I recommend a more economical way to do it. That is to use a daily antiseptic mouthwash as cleaning solution or a solution addition. This method will enhance sterilization for retainers and dentures, and it is convenient for everyone.

ATYOU mini dental ultrasonic cleaner is also ideal for use with a special dental cleaning solution or dental tablet.

Question: Can ATYOU Invisalign ultrasonic cleaner be used for jewelry cleaning?

Answer: Yes.

ATYOU Invisalign ultrasonic cleaner is specially designed for the daily cleaning of small items such as clear aligner and dentures. Therefore, in addition to dental products like invisible braces, this ultrasonic cleaner is also suitable for cleaning small items, including necklaces, rings, waterproof watches, and keys.

However, please do not use any ultrasonic cleaning machine to wash soft gems such as opal and pearls or other jewelry with tiny cracks inside. The properties of ultrasound may damage these items.

Question: Can I use one ATYOU dental ultrasonic cleaner to clean the clear aligner/ brace/retainer of several people?

Answer: Of course.

You just need to clean the stainless tank and change clean water after complete a cleaning of one person's clear aligner/ brace/ retainer, then you can to clean another one's items. For the health, please don't use one ultrasonic denture cleaner to clean several people's dental products at the same time.

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