ATYOU Portable Forced Air Shoe Dryer & Deodorizer FAQs

  • 2021-11-23 09:46:24

1. Q: Does this ATYOU shoe dryer work for children's shoes?

A: Of cause yes!

This portable electric shoe dryer inputs warm air for drying just by inserting the two air inlets into shoes. It has portable size and powerful warm air. That makes it is easy to be inserted into most sizes of shoes and drying them. So, it is ideal for most shoes, including children’s shoes, adult sports shoes, travel shoes, low-top boots, etc.

2. Q: Why ATYOU shoe dryer use forced warm air for drying shoes?

A: When a shoe is wet, there is usually not only water on the surface, but its deep microscopic fibers also bind to water moisture due to the hygroscopic effect. So when its surface feels dry to the touch, it may just lose the water on the surface, and its microscopic fibers may still wet.  Compared with average room temperature air, warm air can provide more energy to effectively peel off the adsorbed water from the micro-fiber in a preset short time, break the bond between water and fiber, and speed up the drying of shoes.

The forced warm air technology of the ATYOU shoe dryer is to heat the shoes through the actively generated warm air so that the moisture on the surface of the shoes and the internal fibers can quickly evaporate into the air. Then it takes away the moisture of air with a warm wind. That will really dry the shoes faster and thoroughly.

The forced air shoe dryer is one of the most efficient shoe dryers on the market. In a previous article, we have compared and analyzed the characteristics of several shoe dryer technologies, such as forced air shoe dryer, PTC shoe dryer, thermal convection shoe dryer, etc. Welcome to read to help you better choose the ideal shoe dryer.

3. Q: Does the electric shoe dryer safe for my shoes?

A: This device is safe for most shoes.

Normally, there are two damages of shoes caused by a shoe dryer. 1. Excessive temperature causes the thermosetting glue of the shoes to fail, causing the parts of the shoes to separate and fall off. 2. The uneven heating by the shoe dryer causes burnt to the shoes due to excessive heat build-up in some locations.

ATYOU Shoe dryer adopts a variety of temperature control methods. It can stable the temperature at about 55°C (131°C) during the whole working process. This temperature is safe for most materials and glues used in shoes. The forced warm air drying technology of the ATYOU shoe dryer does not heat the shoes direct by heating elements but evenly delivers the heat to all corners of the shoes by warm air. The heating is uniform and does not cause local heating up too high. This heating method is safe for most shoes.

Note: If to dry special shoes, please consult relevant professionals for more precise information at first.

4. Q: How loud is this machine working?

A: This boot glove dryer has a working noise of about 46dB. (Tested at 1 meter). For you are easy to know how loud is it, there are data of some mid 50's appliances' dB for reference.

Washer –––– 65~70dB

Dishwasher –––– 63~66dB

Daily conversation –––– 55~65dB

Background Music –––– 50dB

Quiet Room –––– 30~40dB

Portable Forced Air Shoe Dryer

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