What Is The Use Of Cutting Board Sterilizer?

  • 2021-12-09 13:53:20

Keeping the cutting board clean is an essential part of kitchen hygiene, and this view is recognized by most people. However, the daily cleaning that many people are used to is simply rinsing the cutting board after processing the ingredients. Such cleaning is far from enough.

In the past two years, many kitchen disinfection equipment used for deep clean cutting boards have appeared on the market. They are designed to help people disinfect cutting boards easier and better. But some consumers still have questions: what is the use of these UV cutting board sterilizers? Do the cutting boards need to be disinfected?

Why do cutting boards need to be sterilized?

The most important goal of cleaning the cutting boards is to prevent bacteria from entering your body through the cutting board-food transmission chain. We process a variety of foods on the cutting boards every day, including fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, etc. They may adhere to various bacteria both on their own and on the packaging. Bacteria are easy to accumulate and spread on cutting boards, including Escherichia coli, Salmonella, etc. And it's not just a mere delivery channel but also a petri dish. The cutting boards are prone to mold due to the humid storage environment of the kitchen. So that, the cutting boards may become an overlooked source of bacteria. If these bacteria enter people's bodies through the cutting boards-food chain, it is likely to cause serious diseases such as food poisoning and gastroenteritis and bring fatal danger.

Simple rinse cannot ensure to remove all bacteria on the cutting boards. They may reproduce more just by time. Therefore, you need to disinfect the cutting boards to eliminate bacteria thoroughly to protect families' health in addition to rinsing.

Why not use the dishwasher to sterilize cutting boards?

The dishwashers' high temperature can effectively kill germs on the cutting board. However, due to the high-temperature disinfection method is not designed for cutting boards, it may damage some cutting boards that made of not temperature-resistant materials.

What is the use of UV cutting board sterilizers?

Disinfection: Now, the cutting board sterilizers on the market usually adopt ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to realize the disinfection function. Ultraviolet disinfection is a pure physical disinfection method that can kill 99.99% of bacteria in a short time. In addition, the ultraviolet germicidal lamp will not produce any disinfectant residue. It will not damage the cutting boards of various materials. It is very efficient and safe for use to sterilize cutting boards.

Drying: The drying function is also one of the important functions of the UV cutting board sterilizer. As known, objects are more likely to mold in a humid environment, and bacteria in it is easier to multiply and survive longer. For a better cleaning effect, an ideal UV cutting board disinfector usually has designed as convenient for drying the cutting boards. There are some cutting boards sterilizers designed as UV sanitizer boxes. They are usually equipped with fans and use forced air to dry cutting boards. Another cutting board sterilizer is the cutting board UV sterilizer hook. It has an open disinfection and storage method. This design allows the cutting board to drain water with a natural and energy-saving mothed more quickly. Both methods can effectively dry the cutting boards, make the storage of the cutting board cleaner and more hygienic, and prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

The cutting board sterilizer is a good home UVsterilizer, effective, and convenient to use. It can help people reduce the daily tedious disinfection work and establish better cutting board cleaning habits.

But at the same time, we also need to remind everyone to maintain good cutting board usage habits, such as using different cutting boards to handle different types of food, and paying attention to the service life of cutting boards and replacing them in time. In this way, the health of the family can be better protected.

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