Baby Bottle Sterilizer And Dryer FAQs

  • 2020-01-30 15:55:52

Question: Is this electric baby bottle sterilizer supports dual voltage? What is the max wattage while it is running?

Answer: Yes.

This electric baby bottle sterilizer is equipped with a power adapter that supports wide range of voltages from 110V to 240V, including 110V, 220V, and 240V etc.. We will also provide adapters for markets with different regional standards, such as North America, Britain, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc.

When the baby bottle sterilizer and dryer is working on both sterilization and drying, the max power is only 22w.

Question: Does this bottle sterilizer dryer both fit for glass and plastic bottles? Can this hold bottles taller than 8 oz?

Answer: Yes, this UV bottle sterilizer dryer is ideal for the bottles of any material.

It sterilizes bottles with UVC radiation, and dries bottles with 50℃~60℃warm air. These processes will not harm any baby feeding bottles. There won't be glass bottle broken caused by uneven heating, or plastic bottles damage caused by high temperature.

This electric baby bottle sterilizer is suitable for standard and wider caliber bottles of any height, including bottles taller than 8 oz.

Question: Why this UV bottle sterilizer and dryer has sterilization function both in drying mode and sterilization mode? Is there any difference?

Answer: It is with same clean effect when in drying mode and sterilization mode.

Drying mode: 5 minutes UVC sterilization and 30 minutes low-temperature warm air dry start at the same time. This mode is suitable for the use after bottle cleaning and before storage. It will dry the bottle thoroughly while sterilizing. This can help the bottle clean and sterile for a longer time.

Sterilization mode: UVC sterilization in 5 minutes. This mode is suitable for fast sterilization before using bottles, and will not delay feeding babies.

Question: How to clean this baby bottle sterilizer and dryer?

Answer: This baby bottle sterilizer and dryer has removable structures design. So, it is easy to clean.

Step 1: Take away the lid, silicon pad, clear disinfection cabin and the filter. Clean these parts with clean water, and dry them.

Step 2: Wipe the base with soft clean wipes then dry it. Never rinse or immerse the base with any liquid.

Step 3: Dry all parts and assembly.

It is recommended to clean the device once or twice a week.

Electric Baby Bottle Sterilizer

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