Does The Drying Function Of Sterilizer Help Kill Germs?

  • 2022-02-18 10:13:55

Many consumers discovered one thing that many new home sterilizers designed with drying functions in the past two years. It may be a warm air high-temperature drying function or a convenient draining ventilation drying design. The novelty for consumers is that the drying function was rare in the past.  It was usually only designed on specific household sterilizers, such as baby bottle sterilizers and dishwashers. And their drying function is more for storage. So, many consumers have asked us: Why design the new sterilizers with drying functions? Does the drying function of the sterilizer help sterilize it?

The short answer is: Yes. Drying can help sterilizers suitable for more items and kill germs more effectively.

High-temperature drying makes sterilizers more efficient

According to WHO, a temperature of 60℃to 65℃(140℉-150℉)will kill most bacteria and viruses, including Flu, COVID, etc. For some fabrics or gadgets with complex surfaces, the effect of high-temperature sterilization is especially notable.

In most household electronic sterilizers in the past, the disinfection method was usually single. Due to the epidemic in the past two years, the daily cleaning and disinfection needs have become complicated. Therefore, many new products are now equipped with warm air drying sterilization functions to provide richer disinfection capabilities and better adaptability.

For example, disinfecting mobile phones, masks, and wallets has become a common cleaning need in the past two years. A simple UV sterilizer will have a good disinfection effect on mobile phones and other electronic products, but the cleaning effect on items such as masks and wallets is not thorough enough. Therefore, some new home UV disinfection boxes on the market now add a 60°C heating drying module to provide UV sterilization and compound sterilization (UV + heating drying). This allows it not only to disinfect mobile phones and other small electric products but more effectively disinfect masks, wallets, etc.

Dry environment will keep germs away

Not only the high-temperature drying can kill germs, but other forms of drying function will help to improve the sterilization effect too.

On surfaces with suitable temperature and humidity conditions, bacteria and viruses can survive for days or even longer. If there are nutrients, bacteria can even multiply in large numbers. But, on dry surfaces with humidity below 10%, no bacteria and viruses can survive.

Therefore, when choosing some specific sterilizers, it is necessary to consider whether they have the function of drying or draining. Take the cutting board UV sterilizer as an example. If it has an efficient drying function will not only improve the sterilization effect but also avoid the bacteria re-outbreak when the cutting board during storage.

Drying will help kill germs in many cases and will make the sterilizers can apply for more. However, not all sterilizers need to be dry for their cleaning goals, so please choose a sterilizer with a drying function according to your actual needs.

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