How To Dry Shoes Quickly And Well In A Rainy Season?

  • 2022-03-09 10:03:00

When the rainy season comes, the most annoying thing for most people is the ubiquitous dampness and hard-to-dry clothes and shoes.  During the rainy season, your shoes are easy to get wet and difficult to dry whether cleaned or used. You may have to wait several days for the shoes to dry, but actually, it will be hard to dry them completely. And the prolonged wetness can lead to unpleasant odors and even make shoes ill-fitting. Therefore, you need some tips for drying your shoes to help you feel comfortable using or washing shoes in the rainy season.

First, we need to emphasize one thing: never use your home dryer to dry shoes. Because dryers are designed for drying clothes, not specialized shoe dryers. It will beat your shoes while heating them, which may cause your shoes to come off the glue or shrink out of shape, and the shoes will become not fit properly.

Shoe Dryer

Electric shoe dryers are the best way to dry shoes. Shoe dryers are specially designed for drying shoes and are different from dryers. Shoe dryers have been extensively experimentally tested for providing an optimum temperature and wind to shoes. They have powerful drying abilities without hurting shoes. Most shoe dryers are easy to use. Simply insert a shoe dryer into your shoes and run it. It will dry your shoes thoroughly and quickly.

Now, some electric boot drying racks can play a role in removing odor, caring for shoes, and reducing skin diseases on the feet. Many shoe dryers also have more convenient functions such as timing and temperature adjustment, etc.

·There are many types of shoe dryers, please choose according to your needs.

Fans or Hair Dryers

Fans and hairdryers are common substitutes for shoe dryers. You need to find a stand to secure the shoes, then use a fan or hair dryer to blow air over the shoes. With the strong wind from the fan or the hairdryer, the moisture on the shoes will be taken away. The drying is also fast. Drying shoes with a fan and hairdryer are not so simple as an electric shoe drying rack, but it is also an effective way to instead shoe dryers in a rainy season.

Caution with the hot air function from hairdryers may generate excessive heat and damage your shoes.

·When using a fan to dry shoes, please remember to open the shoes and blow the wind inside, otherwise, the inside of the shoes may not be drying thoroughly.

·You can use the following method to improve efficiency.

Usepaper Drying Shoes

This is a relatively old and effective simple method. You can dry your shoes with clean, dry paper that won't fade easily. Roll up the paper to fill the inside of the shoes and wrap the shoes with the paper. Then place the shoes in a ventilated location. Although not as efficient as a professional travel ski boot dryer or fan, this is a simple and effective way to speed up the drying of your shoes. And this method works for most shoes.

·Please choose clean and non-fading paper, otherwise, they may stain your shoes.

·If the shoes are too wet, you may need to change the paper several times.

Keeping the shoes dry can prolong the life of the shoes. That can also effectively reduce foot diseases such as foot fungal infections. We hope these tips will help you.

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