Household Disinfection And Sterilization Methods

  • 2019-09-29 17:26:14

There are three past methods as below

1. Natural disinfection method: use natural conditions such as sunlight to kill pathogenic microorganisms and achieve the purpose of disinfection.

Like the Solar Exposure method: sunlight has a certain bactericidal power due to its heat, dryness and ultraviolet light (UV light). Direct exposure to sunlight can achieve bactericidal efficacy (it must be disinfected for 4-6 hours under sunlight exposure).

2. Physical sterilization method: the use of thermal and other physical effects, microbial proteins and enzymes denaturing and coagulation, in order to achieve the purpose of disinfection, sterilization.

Like the Boiling Method: It is an economical and convenient sterilization method. Generally, when the water is boiling for 10-15 minutes, it can kill bacteria thoroughly.

3. Chemical disinfection and sterilization method: use chemical drugs to penetrate the bacteria, destroy its physiological functions, inhibit the metabolic growth of bacteria.

Like Wiping Method: Wiping the surface of contaminated objects with chemical liquid, such as alcohol, sanitizer, high concentration brine, etc.

The Modern popular method is ultrasonic sterilization way

Ultrasonic sterilization refers to water treatment technology that uses ultrasonic cavitation effect for sterilization.

Ultrasonic waves have all the properties of sound waves that can travel through solids, liquids and gases.

For example, the boiling method was used for baby bottle commonly in the past. Nowadays, you can use a baby bottle sterilizer and dryer directly. The mobile phone only used the wiping method before, but now use the mobile phone sanitizer.

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