The Application Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

  • 2019-09-29 16:25:34

Ultrasonic cleaning has obvious advantages compared with other physical or chemical cleaning methods. It is widely used in daily life, as well as pharmaceutical, electronics, metal, machinery industry and many other fields.

Daily Life

In recent years, ultrasonic cleaning machines have become one of the best household cleaning devices. It makes the daily cleaning of many small items more efficient and safer. It is suitable for glasses, dentures, clear retainer (Invisalign) and jewelry, etc. Many hotels, restaurants and families utilize ultrasonic technology to clean tableware, achieving good cleaning and sterilizing effects.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been widely used by many pharmaceutical companies, especially for the cleaning of vials, oral liquid bottles, ammonia bottles, large infusion bottles, butyl rubber stoppers and natural rubber stoppers.

Electronics Industry & Metal Industry

In electronics and metal industry, during PCB and precision parts manufacture, various wastes, such as solder and oil film, are often left on the surface of products. These tend to affect the quality of products. Ultrasonic cleaning technology greatly reduces the cleaning difficulty and improves the quality of final products.

Machinery Industry

The lens surface of optical instruments is often contaminated by grinding chips or oil stains caused by slicing and grinding process. Even some contamination has inserted into the lens, which is difficult to be cleaned by other processes. But if we change to high-efficiency ultrasonic cleaning, it will be much easier.


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