How To DIY Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution At Home For Jewelry Or Retainers?

  • 2021-05-12 17:31:34

A small home ultrasonic cleaner will help us to solve many cleaning works easily. The ultrasonic cleaner will generate millions of microbubbles every minute in the liquid through high-frequency oscillation. These bubbles wash the surface and gap of objects as many tiny brushes. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning is very efficient. It usually only takes a few minutes for an ultrasonic cleaner to complete the daily cleaning of small items, including aligner, retainer, jewelry, and watches.

Usually, clean water is the ideal ultrasonic cleaning solution for daily cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners can use clean water to remove dust and stains on objects and not need to add other things most of the time. However, sometimes we also need special cleaning solutions to get a further cleaning effect, for example, removing stubborn grease and plaque onaligners or regaining luster of the old gold or silver jewelry. The special cleaning solutions usually need to be purchased in different professional stores, but we also can make a simple alternative plan at home for convenience.

Here will share some ultrasonic cleaning solutions which can be made at home easily and are suitable for cleaning different daily items.

To cleaning oral products

It is very troublesome to remove plaque and oil stains while cleaning oral products, including aligners, retainers, braces, dentures, etc. Using an ultrasonic cleaner with a special cleaning solution can make this process easy.

The following are 2 DIY ultrasonic cleaning solutions formulas that are suitable for daily oral products:

1)  Mix 2:15 of sterilization mouthwash and clean water, put them into the ultrasonic cleaner, run for 5 minutes to let them mix evenly.

2)  Mix 1:15 of baking soda and clean water, then put into the ultrasonic denture cleaner, run for 5 minutes to let them mix evenly.

These 2 solutions are easy to DIY at home, and the materials are convenient to obtain in daily life. They are mild and have good cleaning power, which can help the compact dental ultrasonic cleaner to effectively remove oil stains, odors, and bacteria from oral products.

Note: Not to use high-concentration alcohol as ultrasonic cleaning solutions for oral products. It may damage some oral products.

To cleaning golden & silver Jewelry

After wearing for a long time, the gold or silver jewelry is usually formed a dull oxide layer on their surface that the jewelry will be dark and lose its luster. To regain the brightness of the jewelry, it needs to use a special ultrasonic jewelry cleaning solution combined to cooperate with an ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove the oxide layer.

Here are two jewelry ultrasonic cleaning solutions formulas that can DIY at home easily:

1) Mix 1:4:20 of household ammonia water, dishwashing detergent, and hot water, then put into the ultrasonic cleaning machine, and run it for 5 minutes to fully mix.

2) Mix 4:1 of vinegar and baking soda, then put them into the ultrasonicjewelry cleaner and run for 5 minutes to mix them thoroughly until there are not big baking soda granules.

These 2 solutions are all ideal for cleaning dimmed gold and silver jewelry or metal watchbands, etc. They can effectively remove stubborn stains and oxide layers on metal surfaces. Used in cooperation with home jewelry ultrasonic cleaner, even the gaps of jewelry can be washed easily, bright as new.

Note: After cleaning, immediately rinse the residual solution on the jewelry with clean water to avoid the residual solution from corroding the jewelry.

Not use these solutions too frequently to clean jewelry to avoid corrosion of the jewelry itself.

Not use these solutions to clean jewelry with gems, pearls, and opals.

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