Where Should The UVC Air Purifier Place In The Home?

  • 2021-05-21 13:35:01

Air health is an environmental hygiene blind spot that is easy to be ignored. Especially when there is less dust and particulate pollutants in the living environment, most people will subconsciously think that the air in the home is not threatening. However, many respiratory diseases come not from dust or particulate pollutants, but from airborne bacteria, molds and viruses.

Household UVC air sterilizer is an efficient home sterilizer. It can clean the bacteria and viruses in the air, keeps your families away from respiratory diseases. And the UV's photolysis effect also can remove the air's odor efficiently, keep it fresh.

Reasonable placement of household UV air sterilizers can prevent the intrusion of germs in the air from various sources for a long time, and create a safe home air environment to the greatest extent. So, where should UV air sterilizers place in the home?

Living room & Dining area

The place with the most frequent activities and parties in a family. It is the area where the most prone to airborne virus or cross-infect an infectious disease in a family.

Place UV light air purifier in the living room & dining area will protect the children and elderly from respiratory diseases as most, which are easy to cross-infect between families through the air.

Bedroom, Bathroom, & other personal room.

One-third of a person's day is in the bedroom, and breathing during sleep is the least protected. Bedrooms have a lot of storage space, which is more likely to breed bacteria, mites, and molds in wet weather and produce odors and affect people's respiratory health.

The bathroom is the wettest area in a family and the space most likely to breed bacteria. According to research, when flushing the toilet, the impact of the water will push bacteria into the air throughout the bathroom from the toilet and sewers.

In these spaces, bacteria, musty, and other odors usually be a more disturbing problem than respiratory diseases viruses. UVC air sterilizer can help to keep the room's air healthy and fresh.

Notice: if the air sterilizer has a complex filter system such as HEPA, don't place it in a bathroom or other wet rooms. Because the complex filters may become a new bacteria corner while place in a wet space for a long time.

Usually, people feel that only all spaces are equipped with air sterilizers that can fully protect the respiratory health of their families. In fact, this is unnecessary and a waste of money. We just need to place the UV air sterilizers to cover the rooms where we frequent activities or stay for a long time. For other rooms, it can use a high-power UV sterilizer light, for regular disinfection. That is enough.

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