How To Make My Ultrasonic Cleaner Work Better?

  • 2022-06-17 14:14:56

The ultrasonic cleaner is efficient cleaning equipment with a high market rate today. It is widely used in a variety of places and purposes, whether for commercial or domestic use. Such as ultrasonic glasses cleaners, ultrasonic record cleaners, ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, etc. Now Ultrasonic cleaners are very common, and many people use them to clean various items every day. However, there are still many new users who ask us every day: Is there a way to make the ultrasonic cleaner work better and wash more cleanly?

The answer is "yes". Here are some methods that will help you better use your ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Reduce gases

Ultrasonic cleaning relies on the "cavitation" generated by the vibration conduction of ultrasound waves in the cleaning solution to remove stains. The gas dissolved in the cleaning solution will absorb part of the cavitation energy used for cleaning, thereby reducing cleaning efficiency. Therefore, reducing the gas concentration in the cleaning solution will highly improve the effect of ultrasonic cleaning. When using tap water as the cleaning solution, the improved cleaning effect of the degassing treatment will be evident.

Many industrial ultrasonic cleaners have a one-button degassing function. If your home multifunctional ultrasonic glasses cleaner does not have this function, there are two ways to help you reduce gases from the cleaning solution. Let the cleaning solution sit for a few hours before using it. Or put the cleaning solution in the ultrasonic cleaner tank and let the machine run as usual for 5 to 10 minutes without cleaning anything. Either of these two ways will help reduce the gas concentration of the cleaning solution and improve cleaning.

Use warm water

Warm water dissolves stains and grease more effectively, and the gas concentration is lower in warm water. Therefore, using warm water as a cleaning solution is also an effective way to improve the performance of ultrasonic cleaners.

According to research, the optimum temperature for ultrasonic cleaning is about 137°F (58°C). However, we recommend that you choose a cleaning temperature between 104°F and 140°F (40°C ~ 60°C) based on the temperature tolerance of the item you want clean. For example, to clean transparent aligners that have not resistant to high temperatures, we recommend that you use warm water around 40°C as the cleaning solution. Because the solutions' temperature will continue to rise during the ultrasonic cleaning process. If the ultrasonic cleaning is performed with a warm water temperature above 122℉(50℃), the water temperature may rise higher than the temperature tolerance of the aligners during the cleaning process. This will deform and damage the aligners.

Add a suitable cleaning agent

In some cases, only using water as an ultrasonic cleaning solution cannot achieve perfect cleaning results. Selecting and adding suitable targeted detergents for different cleaning objects will further improve the cleaning. For example, when we use an digital sonic cleaner to clean gold and silver jewelry, adding some special jewelry cleaning agents can restore the luster to the jewelry instead of just decontamination.

Different items have different properties, so different cleaning agents are required. We can make many useful cleaning agents at home easy. These we have covered in previous blogs.

Finally, for those of you who regularly use an ultrasonic cleaner at home, we recommend that you pour off the cleaning solution and dry it after each use. Do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment so that the equipment can provide you with the best cleaning effect for a long time.

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