Why Is Recommended To Use Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine Cleaning Glasses?

  • 2022-06-08 10:19:13

Many people with glasses have consulted "how to clean glasses" on the Internet or from professionals while purchasing glasses. I believe that among the many answers, the ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine should be one of the most recommended. In many optical stores, we can find that they are equipped with ultrasonic cleaning equipment for cleaning glasses.

Why are cleaning glasses with ultrasonic glasses cleaners so highly regarded?

Does not hurt glasses

Most people are used to wiping the lenses back and forth with clean paper or shirts to clean glasses. In fact, this most common method is easy to scratch the lens. These scratches will blur the lenses and affect a person's vision. Cleaning glasses with an ultrasonic glasses cleaner eliminates this concern. Unlike the method of removing stains by wiping, ultrasonic cleaning uses the countless bubbles generated by the "cavitation effect" of ultrasonic waves in the liquid to crush and disintegrate the stains. These bubbles are very tiny, and they do not require mechanical friction back and forth with the lens. Therefore, they will not produce scratches on the lenses and won't easily damage the glasses.

In some laboratories or professional institutions, professionals also often choose to use ultrasonic cleaning equipment to clean professional optical lenses that are more fragile and expensive than eye-glass.

Clean thoroughly

When we use conventional methods to clean glasses, it is often difficult to clean all the crevices without disassembling the glasses. There are often many stains, grease, and bacteria accumulated in the gaps of the frame, nose pads, and other places. Cleaning these locations is troublesome.

As we said before, the bubbles generated by ultrasonic waves in the liquid are very small. They can freely enter every crevice in the glasses and remove all kinds of stains and bacteria from them. When we use the multifunctional ultrasonic glasses cleaner to clean the glasses, we can see the smoke-like stains floating out of the gap. The effect is obvious. Ultrasonic has its unique effect on cleaning the grease on the lens. The bubbles produced by cavitation will generate localized high temperatures during the formation, expansion, and explosion process. Combined with the cleaner, it can easily and thoroughly remove the hard-to-clean grease.

It is for these reasons that ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner is highly recommended by professionals. But in the end, we still need to remind you: please do not use a home ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean tortoiseshell glasses or gem-set glasses. That may hurt these special glasses.

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