How To Test My Retainer Ultrasonic Cleaner Is Working Effectively?

  • 2021-08-02 17:56:57

Home ultrasonic cleaners are more and more popular for home users. With the cavitation that the ultrasonic effect in liquid, the ultrasonic cleaning can work in micrometer gaps effectively.  So that, ultrasonic cleaners can help people with many complex cleaning works, including cleaning of retainers, aligners, dentures, jewelry, watchband, etc. Now, many false ultrasonic cleaning machines and low-performed ultrasonic cleaners in the market are mixing with the real high-performed ultrasonic cleaners. How to distinguish them?

In the previous blog, I had recommended using fingers to detect whether the ultrasonic cleaner is working. However, this method is prone to misjudgment due to people's different sensitivity levels. So here will introduce a method of using aluminum foils to test the performance of ultrasonic cleaners. This method is simple and intuitive. It is also used for simple performance tests for ultrasonic cleaners by many professional staffs.

Foil test

1. Take a piece of home baking aluminum foil, and trim the foil according to the shape of the water tank bottom of the ultrasonic cleaner. Take testing ATYOU home digital ultrasonic cleaner as an example, you need to trim the foil into a disc a little smaller than the tank bottom, and make it can cover most of the tank bottom.

2. Add cleaning solutions into the ultrasonic cleaner follow the user manual, then connect the power.

3. Put the aluminum foil into the sink and immerse it in the solution. Do not let the aluminum foil float on the water.

4. Start the ultrasonic cleaning machine and let the ultrasonic cleaning run for 5-10 minutes.

5. Observe the changes in the aluminum foil.

Test Result

If the surface of the aluminum foil is covered with obvious perforations when the test is completed, then the home jewelry ultrasonic cleaner has a nice performance. If the aluminum foil is not perforated or the perforation is not obvious, then you need to check whether the machine is out of order, or you may have bought a false ultrasonic cleaner.

This test is useful and easy to do at home, hope it will give your help to know more about your home ultrasonic cleaners.

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