ATYOU Retainer Ultrasonic Cleaner FAQs (2)

  • 2021-07-01 15:07:31

Q: What cleaning solution should ATYOU retainerultrasonic cleaner use? What should be noted?

A: In most cases, clean water is an ideal cleaning solution while using the ATYOU denture ultrasonic cleaner to clean retainer or jewelry. Its cleaning effect can deal with most of the normal stains. If you need to deal with some stubborn deep dirt, it can use some compound cleaning solutions to enhance the ultrasonic cleaners' cleaning effect. We had shared several solutions formulations in a previous blog. These ultrasonic cleaning solutions that can be made at home are suitable for cleaning kinds of aligners or jewelry and help to remove stubborn dirt efficiently.

There is an important thing that must attend to while choosing an ultrasonic cleaning solution. Do not use a flammable solvent to be an ultrasonic cleaning solution, including alcohol, gasoline, etc. That is due to the cavitation of ultrasonic will cause a high temperature in the solution, the use of flammable cleaning solutions may cause a risk of fire.

Q: Why not ATYOU retainer ultrasonic cleaner preset a heating function?

A: ATYOU home ultrasonic denture cleaner is special designed for cleaning aligners, dentures, jewelry, and other small items. The dental products and jewelry are delicate and easily damaged. Many of their materials are susceptible to damage due to high temperatures. Therefore, ATYOU home retainer ultrasonic cleaner had optimizes the cleaning effect of small items and cancels the heating function to ensure that it is more suitable for cleaning dental products and jewelry. To prevent an improper operation from damaging your dental products and jewelry, the ideal method is using special cleaning tablets or cleaning solutions instead of heating when you need to enhance the cleaning effect.

Note: The ultrasonic "cavitation" itself has a heating effect. Continuous use of the ultrasonic cleaner will also increase the temperature of the cleaning solution to a relatively high level. Therefore, do not run the machine continuously for more than 5 working cycles at one time to avoid damage to items due to excessive temperature.

Q: How to maintain the ultrasonic cleaner?

A:Proper daily maintenance and use can not only keep your ultrasonic cleaner with the best working capacity but also avoid the invalidation of the machine's warranty due to incorrect operation. Here are some use and maintenance tips for all kinds of home ultrasonic cleanersincluding professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, so that the machines have better working states and longer working life:

①When adding cleaning solution to the tank, add it to the level between the“MIN”and“MAX lines.  While there are no cleaning solutions or the solution's level is lower than the "Min" line, do not run the machine. Otherwise, it will cause irreversible damage to the machine.

②Do not use corrosive liquids as cleaning solutions, such as strongly acidic or alkaline solutions, which will damage the machine and the objects to be cleaned.

③ After working, please pour out the solutions from the tank, and dry the tank with a dry and soft paper or cloth. Don't leave water or other cleaning solutions in the tank for a long time.

④Please use mild detergents and clean soft cloths to clean the ultrasonic cleaner, but not detergents containing volatile organic solvents. After cleaning, please keep the machine dry.

⑤Do not rinse or soak the device with water or other liquids except for the washing tank. Do not let water and other liquids into the power input port.

⑥Storage or using thedentalultrasonic cleaner on a dry and stable desk or other horizontal surfaces.

Use these tips will keep your ultrasonic cleaner in good condition, we wish you a good user experience.

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