How To Use An Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner Correctly?

  • 2019-09-27 17:25:54

1) You have to know the ultrasonic cleaner working principle then we can know the correct mothed to use.

The ultrasonic cleaner uses high-frequency sound waves to vibrate in water and emerge millions of tiny bubbles, which collapse and smash the stain thoroughly of the dentures in a very short time at a microscopic level. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is safe, no harmful and reliable for your household using. So, using an ultrasonic denture cleaner is by far the most effective way of cleaning your false teeth or Invisalign (clear aligner).

2) Can I use water alone in ultrasonic cleaning?
Yes, you can just use water alone in ultrasonic cleaning your mini lovely denture, orthodontic brace.

3) Can I use solvents with ultrasonic cleaning?
Yes, you could use solvent tablets or solutions with ultrasonic cleaning to enhanced efficacy and reduce sterilization time.

4) Use an ultrasonic denture cleaner is simple and easy operate:

1st, fill the tap water or water & solvent between MIN and MAX line marked inside the tank.

2rd, put your objects, like the dental, denture, Invisalign, necklaces, rings, nail clippers, watchbands, but do not put too much items at the same time. ensure to submerge the area to be cleaned.

3rd, Plug the power cord, press the power button to start cleaning, automatically stop 5 minutes later.

Additional, Jewelry containing loose stones or soft gemstones such as pearls

For future more information, click (we provide working video and ultrasonic cleaner denture samples.)

How to use ultrasonic cleaner correctly

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