Keep The Viruses And Bacteria Away From Our Home

  • 2020-09-14 11:42:25

Our homes are considered to be safe houses where we can relax and avoid disasters and diseases. But in fact, we usually bring the viruses and bacteria home from outdoor through some channels that we easy to neglect. So, to keep our home safe, it is important to know who are the germs transporters and how to clean them.


Although we often wash our hands, our hands are still one of the most important transmitters of bringing bacteria home daily. Because of in the complex public space, many objects are easily attached to all kinds of germs, including bus handrails, elevator buttons, door handles, and so on. On the way home, hands gathered viruses and bacteria by touching, and bring them home. So, the first thing to avoid bring germs home is to wash hands carefully while getting home and have better to do it with a hand sanitizer.

Phone, Cash, Key, etc.

In daily life, personal belongings are the germs transporters that are the easiest to be neglected. For example, people use smartphones anywhere and anytime, so phones are also gathering germs anywhere and anytime. People occasionally wipe the screen to clean their phones, but this is hard to remove all germs. It is also the same on other personal belongings. Wash or sterilization is a good method for remove germs. But many personal belongings are easily damaged with a wash, such as phones, cash, electric key, etc.

For home, a UV sterilizer box is recommended to clean the small personal belongings daily. It will easy to kill 99% germs without a wash, and it will not damage the electronics or cash.

Packaging of Frozen Food

Packaging of frozen food is also a neglect germs transporter to most people. In recent months, there have been several news reports that COVID-19 has been found on chopping boards in patients' homes or markets. The survey found that they may come from food factories or patients, but are usually brought on the chopping board by the packaging of meat or seafood. Because of low temperature and humidity, bacteria and viruses are more likely to survive for a long time on the packaging of frozen food.

Change the packaging after getting home, and clean the chopping board and knife that had touch the packaging with a sanitizer or a UV chopping board sterilizer. Do this become a daily habit that will help to keep our home safe.


Viruses and bacteria are hard to survive in the air, but they can attach to suspended droplets and spread through the air. Therefore, during a disease epidemic, the air may also become an important channel for the spread of the virus, and they will transmit droplets and the like to our homes, threatening the health of us and our families. Many people are used to using filtered air purifiers to purify the air at home, but in fact, many products do not have the function of disinfection. Bacteria and viruses may stay on the filter and then contact and threaten our families while we change the fliter. During an outbreak of influenza or other respiratory diseases, choosing a UV air sanitizer that can coexist with humans and is specially used to disinfect the air can more effectively prevent viruses and bacteria from threatening the safety of the family.

Germs are everywhere. They are sneaking into our homes through various channels all the time. Pay attention to all kinds of germ transporters and clean them correctly, and that will keep our homes always be the safe havens.

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