Portable UV Sterilizer FAQs

  • 2020-09-07 08:54:24

1. Q: What is the wavelength of the ATYOU portable UV sterilizer?

A: ATYOU portable UV sterilizer built-in 280nm UVC LED for sterilization.

For better user experience, the UV sterilizer also built-in 365nm UVA LED, it will generate blue light to help the user aim the sterilize area.

2. Q: How long do I need to irradiate the surface of the item with the portable UV sterilizer? How to timing?

A: The longer irradiation time will get a better sterilization effect. Usually, we recommend you keep irradiate one place for about 30s to 1 minute with the UV sterilizer.

For easy to use in more scenes, we set the sterilization time as 1 minute per time. If you want to sterilize less than 1 minute, there is a simple method to timing. The white indicator is flashing while the UV light working, and flash 3 times will take about 10 seconds.

3. Q: Can the portable UV wand kill Coronavirus?

A: Our portable UV sterilizer has been tested in independent third-party to the H1N1 virus, bacteria and other germs, and get a good result of the sterilization. (Find free to contact us to get the test report for detail.) But now, most of the third-party labs don't have the COVID-19 virus strain. So, we haven't tested this portable UV sterilizer specifically with the new coronavirus.

In recent months, academic reports from Columbia University and other institutions of researcher showed that UVC light could effectively kill new coronavirus. And now, there are UVC disinfection machines that have been used in many professional scenes to fight the coronavirus, including UV air sanitizer, UV robot and etc..

4. Q: What scenes does the portable UV sterilizer suit?

A: This portable UV sterilizer is specially designed for travel scenes.

It is more ideal for quickly sterilize the lift button, door handle, door ring button and other things in public places. Meanwhile, it is suitable for simple clean of cell phones, keys and other small items.

But to deep sterilize more daily necessities, a large capacity UV sterilizer box will be a better choice.

5. Q: How often should I recharge it?

A: This portable UV sterilizer built-in a rechargeable 300mah Li-battery. It takes just 30 minutes to recharge, then it can be used 100 times.

Portable UV Sanitizer

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