Safety Tips For Using Household UV Disinfection Products

  • 2020-07-31 11:00:09

As described in 《The pneumonia diagnosis and treatment programme for new coronavirus infection (trial version 5)》, the understanding of the pathological properties of coronavirus is mostly derived from the study of SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, and the virus is sensitive to ultraviolet and heat. The study has drawn people's attention to UV disinfection products, making a surge in demand for UV sterilizers. Now more and more families choose to buy UV disinfection device for home disinfection. But how to safely use UV sterilization products? There are certain concerns, and some might worry that the improper operation of the UV disinfection device will have a certain impact on people. So how to use UV sterilizers at home?

(1) When searching products, buy household UV sterilizers with safety designs. Like the UV sterilizer box on the market, some of them use magnetic induction anti-open cover. When open the box, the ultraviolet rays are automatically turned off, and it continues to work when cover closed.

(2) Pay attention to the relationship between UV intensity and space size. Like for room area sterilization, normally, the space per cubic meter needs 1.5W power of ultraviolet sterilization lamps. Users can choose according to the actual situation at home, for the corresponding power of disinfection lamps.

(3) If to use large ultraviolet disinfection device, do follow the "turn on lamp and walk away, turn off lamp before enter room" principle. After turning on the light, people should leave the room quickly. The treatment time with 30-60 minutes is ideal to effectively kill viruses and bacteria. When using the lamp, close the door and window, draw curtains, turn off the lights, and keep the disinfected area well ventilated for at least 30 minutes.

(4) When using ultraviolet home sterilizer in the room, people and animals must leave. Avoid the use from people having difficulty in moving (people with intellectual disabilities, elderly people with weak self-care ability, etc.).

(5) Avoid direct skin exposure to UV rays. If you must be exposed to the UV light of the high-power UV sterilizer light, do a good protection (with sunscreen cloth, protective gloves, goggles or sunscreen mask, etc.).

(6) Do not look directly to ultraviolet disinfection lamp, to avoid damage to the cornea.

(7) Unplug the power supply when not using the device, to avoid accidental switch-on.

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