What Are The Features Of Small Appliances That Are Ideal For Online Retail?

  • 2022-12-14 14:20:51

Online retail is becoming the preferred way for more and more new small household appliance brands to start. In recent years, with the further development of online retail platforms, online shopping has been accepted and preferred by more and more consumers. For many start-up brands, online retail has a more level playing field and lower start-up costs than traditional sales channels. Therefore, online retail is becoming the starting choice of more and more consumer brand entrepreneurs. And in the past two years, the share of online sales in many commodity categories, including small appliances, is becoming larger and larger. According to market research data, online retail accounted for 21% of total sales in the United States' small household appliance market in 2021 and is expected to continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10.63%. In China, the sales share of small household appliances is also shifting from offline to online channels. According to statistics, by the first half of 2022, online sales of small household appliances in China have accounted for more than 76%. More data show that. Online retail will be the primary sales mode for small household appliances in the global market in the future.

Online retailing is providing more development opportunities for new small household appliance brands. It believes that many entrepreneurs are choosing products from ODM small appliance manufacturers to enter the online retail channel. So, do you know what small appliances are suitable for online retail channels? Today, this article will discuss the prime characteristics of small appliances suitable for online retail.

Unique and nice appearances

For small appliance products mainly retailed online, having a unique appearance is very important. Online retail platforms' shelves are composed of many product appearance photos. Compared with the limited products on the shelves of traditional sales channels, the number of products on online retail shelves is almost unlimited. You can see so many products in the same category at once on an online retail platform that you can easily compare them with each other. A similar look will not help your product stand out from the rest. That can even hurt your sales pricing strategy.

Take the electric shoe dryer as an example. It is a small household appliance that has become popular again because of online shopping in the past two years. Many new sellers would like to enter the market faster, so they are by the past market hot style to find ODM electric boot dryer products. Therefore, now you can see many shoe dryer products on each online retail platform. They are similar in appearance and have almost no unique features other than the logo. Because there is no uniqueness, the competition between them usually becomes a competition for low-price strategies and eventually loses the profits that support the healthy development of the brand. Therefore, we can observe that only those products with unique appearances usually end up with higher profits and more loyal customers.

In addition, according to statistics, women make solo decisions on what to buy for 53% of Small Appliance purchases, and 76% of purchases have women involved in the purchase decision. From this data, you can predict that a beautiful and unique product appearance will help your brand gain more favor from target customers.

Stylish and useful

In recent years, more and more young consumers have participated in online shopping. Compared with millennials and Gen Xers, young consumers are more flexible and fashionable in using the Internet. Small appliance manufacturers are making their products more stylish to reach younger consumers. Stylish is not only in appearance but also in function.

Almost each small household appliance that has become an online bestseller represents a fashionable lifestyle, including sweeping robots, air fryers, ultrasonic facial cleansers, intelligent video doorbells, ultrasonic glasses cleaners, etc. The younger generation understands these stylish small appliances from the network, purchases them online, and then shares the experience on the net. The fashionable characteristics of these small appliances make them can quickly become a hot topic of the network and online retail hot items. This is almost now small appliances network sales success one of the ultimate secrets.

Outstanding quality

Whether you sell products through traditional or online sales channels, excellent product quality is essential. But for entrepreneurs who use online retailing as a starting point, the impact of product quality is more critical. The new online retail brands often do not have a perfect after-sales service system like classic established companies. There is usually a long logistics chain in online retail. If there is a product quality problem, you will have to pay more for after-sales sales than traditional entrepreneurs. Making sure your products are reliable and consistent will help you save a lot of unnecessary after-sales expenses. This is especially obvious for online retail entrepreneurs of small appliance brands.

Another characteristic of online retail channel is that consumer feedback is almost always on the network, and this feedback can greatly affect sales. So, if there's a quality problem, the impact on a new brand that's started with online retail can be long-lasting and deadly.

Packaging and product size

When choosing appliance products for online retail, you need to pay more attention to the packaging and size. Packaging is about whether the product can reach the customer in the best condition. Online retail products often require complex and long-distance transportation to reach customers. Especially for small household appliances, poor packaging may cause them not to work when customers get them. If your small household appliances products do not have packaging that can withstand harsh shipping, they may not have good sales results on the online retail platform.

The size of the product is associated with logistics costs. If your logistics costs are small enough, enough to make your product at the same price under the terms of free shipping will give your product a huge competitive advantage. According to statistics, free shipping has a significant influence on purchasing for 75% of global shoppers.

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