How do the new small home appliance brands look for contract manufacturers?

  • 2022-12-22 14:00:43

As a new brand of small household appliances, it is an effective way to save costs in the start stage by using small household appliance manufacturing service providers for contract manufacture. Instead of spending too much money on building a new product line, you can spend more of your budget on product development and business expansion.

However, how to find a reliable production service provider is a problem. As a start -up small home appliance company and brand, it is usually difficult to cooperate with those well-known small home appliance contract manufacturers companies at the beginning stage, including Foxconn, Pegatron, Jabil, Sanmina, etc. These well-known contract manufacturers have a very high threshold for cooperation, such as a larger amount of orders, or greater capital investment.  Therefore, you need to find some less well-known contract manufacturers that can give better cooperation to be your production service provider. So, from what channel can you find the contract manufacturers suitable for the start-up small household appliance brand?


It is now a convenient way to find a contract manufacturer through the Internet. There are many information-rich B2B online platforms, including Alibaba, Global Sources, MFG, etc. These platforms have huge products and factories' information databases. With these platforms, you can easily find the right contract manufacturer by comparing similar products and factory information. For example, you want to produce an OEM electronic shoe dryer. You can easily find hundreds of links to various types of shoe dryers on these platforms and contact information for the corresponding factories.

But this approach is also flawed. Not all this information comes from the source factory, and so much of it is submitted by intermediate traders disguised as factories. So, to find reliable production partners, you need information from which you can identify the real producer. Only in this way can you obtain a reliable contract manufacturer with high-cost performance.

Similar to the B2B platform, there are other network modes through the manufacturers' official website, customs database of importers and exporters, industry databases, etc. These methods are more accurate than B2B sites but take more time.


Comprehensive trade shows and industry shows are a time-honored way of finding production and sales partners. Around the world, a variety of comprehensive trade shows and industry shows are held every year. Global Manufacturers and suppliers will gather in the exhibition hall to showcase their strengths, technologies, and products. At industry shows' sites, you can more intuitively compare products and technical information from many manufacturers. This makes it easier than other methods to get information on industry technology trends and reliable manufacturers. Therefore, many senior brands are more willing to look for partners in professional industry exhibitions.

Product Labeling

It is a reliable way to find the factory through the product label. The labels of many products contain rich information, including the client, manufacturer, various certifications, etc. Now there are a lot of products that need complete certification before they can be listed, especially in the small household appliances market. From the label, you can usually see whether the manufacturer has done this kind of certification and whether the experience and strength to do such products. For example, then you want to sell a private label UV air purifier of your brand in the United States, you can choose similar products with reliable quality on the market and check their labeling. When the product labeling contains FCC, UL, other certifications, EPA Establishment Number, and other information required for UV products in the United States market. The UV air sterilizer manufacturer who produces the product will be your ideal contract manufacturer. This manufacturer has the strength for your reliable production and related supporting services.

Peer recommendation

If you have a reliable peer friend willing to recommend factories to you, this information is usually more reliable and valuable than other sources. They are peer-tested. That will save you a lot of time and cost.

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