What Can You Clean With An Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine?

  • 2021-12-24 13:21:44

Since the first commercial ultrasonic cleaning machine appeared in 1950, ultrasonic cleaning equipment has become a helpful cleaning appliance after more than 70 years of development. Now, ultrasonic cleaning has been frequently used in various places, including industrial workshops, scientific labs, medical institutions, stores, homes, etc. It is popular. Nevertheless, many peoples still have misunderstandings of ultrasonic cleaning technology now. Some people think that ultrasonic cleaning is omnipotent, while some people think it is just a slight jitter and not effective at all. Those views are both wrong. Ultrasonic cleaning can clean many things, but it is not a panacea.

To understand what ultrasonic cleaning can clean and what items are suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, we must first understand the principle of ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners use transducers to generate high-frequency ultrasonic waves in the liquid. This high-frequency sound wave vibration tears the liquid, creating countless microscopic voids and vacuum bubbles (cavitation) in the liquid. These microscopic bubbles continue to generate, expand and collapse. This process will produce temperatures and pressures of 5000K and 135Mpa. This huge energy can peel off stains, grease, bacteria, etc. But at the same time, because the bubble is microscopic, its energy range is also small, which usually will not harm the stable structure of the object. And the cavitation is conducted by vibration, so its cleaning ability can penetrate blind holes, gaps, and grooves.

From the above, we know the elements of ultrasonic cleaning: high-frequency vibration, high temperature and pressure of small range. So that, we can understand what items the ultrasonic cleaner can clean and are suitable for cleaning.

Ideal for cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is very suitable for cleaning various items which has stable structures and can withstand small temperature changes.

When used to clean complex metal parts, medical equipment, and scientific samples, it can wash them very clean without disassembly. So, it is very commonly used in industry, laboratories, and hospitals.

In homes, glasses ultrasonic cleaners and home retainer ultrasonic cleaners are the commonly ultrasonic cleaning machines. They can be used to clean kinds of plastic, glass, metal daily necessities, including dental retainer, glasses, coins, waterproof mechanical watches, records, etc.

Now, there are a variety of ultrasonic vegetable washing machines on the market. They are used to clean vegetables, fruits, and seafood. The cleaning effect is also good.


Take cleaning jewelry as an example. Many professional jewelry stores now use professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaners to clean jewelry. However, if we use ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines at home, we still need to be cautious. You can safely use ultrasonic to clean gold and silver jewelry and high-quality hard gems with perfect structures, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, etc. But if you want to clean hard gems with feather cracks or enhanced treatment, gold-plated jewelry, silver-plated jewelry, soft gems, and organic gems, please use ultrasonic cleaning with caution. Because ultrasonic cleaning may cause irreversible damage to them.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is often used in the industry to clean PCBs. But it will avoid being used in electronic equipment with some special components such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, microphones, and other original components, because the high-frequency vibration of ultrasound may damage these components.


Ultrasonic cleaning relies on cavitation caused by sound wave vibration in the liquid to clean items. Therefore, if the article has a strong sound absorption capacity, the ultrasonic cleaning machine usually cannot achieve the expected cleaning effect. Such as soft cloths and sponges.

Absolutely not

Even if it is not equipped with a heater, an ultrasonic cleaner will increase the temperature while working. Therefore, never use flammable cleaning solutions in an ultrasonic cleaner, including alcohol, gasoline, etc. This is very dangerous.

There are many types of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in the market, so it is easy for people to wonder whether the specific equipment is suitable for their cleaning needs. So, we hope this article can help you get useful information. If you still need further support, it is recommended that you read the instructions of your device in detail or consult a professional before using the ultrasonic cleaner.

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