What Is The Best Air Purifier To Remove Odors?

  • 2021-09-15 17:32:09

Remove odor is an important function that many home consumers pay attention to when purchasing a home air purification equipment. However, there are many types of air purifiers and UV air disinfection machines with different technologies on the market. It is difficult for people to choose which one can meet different user demands to remove odor efficiently.

In this article, we will introduce several common technologies of home air purifiers. We will introduce their deodorization methods and technical advantages and disadvantages. It will help users better choose the air purification equipment that meets their needs.


Filtration and adsorption is the core technology most commonly used in household air purifiers. It uses various porous materials to filter and purify the air. The structure of these materials allows air to pass through and can absorb and intercept particles in the air when the air passes, including hair, dust, pollen, odorous substances, bacteria, etc. Different filters have different interception capabilities. Common thinner primary filters only can filter large size particles such as hair, and only HEPA or activated carbon filters with relatively multi-layered and dense structures can filter out the odor substances from the air and achieve the effect of deodorization.

Most filters usually only can adsorption odor substances and bacteria, but cannot completely remove them. After being not changed for a long time or in a humid environment, the filters may become moldy or breed other bacteria and become one of the sources of odor and bacteria.  Therefore, when using a filtering air purifier, you must be sure to remember to replace or clean the filter in time.

Ultraviolet Light

When a room UV air sterilizer is working, there are two main ways to remove odors in the air. First, the UV light will quickly kill bacteria and other microorganisms in the air and stop them from continuing to produce new odor substances. This is to remove some odor by eliminating sources. Second, the high-energy photons of UV light can combine with odorous substances. It will accelerate oxidation and decompose them into odorless substances, including water, CO2, etc. This process is also known as UV photolysis deodorize.

Although the UV air purifier has a little slower deodorization speed than filter air purifiers, the UV air purifier can solve the root causes of bacteria and odors better, and it does not require consumables. Before purchasing a UV air sterilizer, you must know some things. UV light is harmful to humans and animals while directly exposed to skin or eyes. Therefore, if you want to use it with confidence, you need to choose an ozone free safe UV air purifier with perfect safety designs.


Ozone is also a technology often used in air purification. It is a gas with strong oxidizing properties. It has a similar effect to UV light, killing bacteria and oxidizing and decomposing compounds. Unlike UV light, ozone is slower to kill bacteria but more efficient in remove odor molecules.

The high concentrations of ozone are harmful to humans and animals. Although ozone has a similar odor elimination effect to ultraviolet light, it cannot be completely locked in an air purifier like the UV light while it works. Therefore, when using an ozone air purifier to purify indoor air, people and pets must leave the room. And after use, you need to wait for the ozone in the room to decompose or escape automatically before entering.

In the market, there are some techs such as high-voltage electrostatic purification that are also good at air purification and odor removal. Because these technologies are not commonly used in household equipment, I will not explain them here.

I believe that after knowing the efficacy and pros and cons of these techs by this article, you will be able to choose air purification products that meet your needs and habits better.

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