Do Shoe Dryer Sterilizers Really Help With Smelly Shoes?

  • 2021-10-09 13:21:02

In addition to dampness and cold, I believe that another important goal for many people to buyshoe dryer sterilizers is to remove the smell of shoes. So, do the shoe dryer sterilizers help to solve the odor problem of shoes?

The answer is yes. A fully functional shoe dryer sterilizer can not only dry shoes quickly. It can also effectively solve shoes' odor problems from the root in many ways.

Sources of shoes' odor

There are 250,000 sweat glands on human feet. When the sweat from these sweat glands is collected in the shoes, the warm and humid environment and a large amount of organic will provide good conditions for the reproduction in shoes of bacteria. The growth and metabolism of bacteria will produce many odorous compounds. That is the truth about shoes' odor production. Not only that, the large number of bacteria that make shoes smelly can also easily cause foot skin diseases, including athlete's foot, etc.

How do shoe dryer sterilizers remove the odor?

The deodorization effect of sterilization shoe dryers is usually accomplished by drying, sterilization, and decompose odor substances.

Drying: Moisture is one of the necessary conditions for bacteria to multiply. So, when the shoe dryer sterilizers take off moisture from shoes, the growth and reproduction of bacteria will become slow even stop, and that will greatly reduce the production rate of odorous substances.

Sterilization: Drying alone cannot solve the odor problem of shoes from the root cause. After drying the shoes, some bacteria just slowed down their growth but did not die.  To completely kill bacteria, many electric boot dryer sterilizers usually have ozone or UV light sterilizer functions in addition to heating. Ultraviolet light and ozone are the best quality fungicides in nature. They can effectively kill bacteria and eliminate the source of odor in shoes from the root.

Decompose odor substances: While we start drying the shoes, usually the odor is already there. Therefore, to completely remove the smell of shoes, we need to remove the existing odor substances. For this, UV light and ozone are all very effective. UV light has a powerful photolysis effect, while ozone is a strong oxidizing substance. These characteristics allow them to quickly eliminate the existing odor substances while sterilizing. They can act on odorous substances and quickly turn them into odorless and harmless water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc.

In this way, after drying, sterilization, and decompose odor substances, the shoe dryer sterilizers will remove odor sources and the existing odor in shoes.

It can be seen that the portable shoe dryer sterilizer are really helpful to the smelly shoes. However, there are many types of shoe dryer sterilizers on the market, including PTC electric shoe drying rack, UV shoe dryers, and ozone warm air shoe dryers. There are differences in their work efficiency and advantages and disadvantages. In the future, we will analyze it in detail in a later article.

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