What Is The Most Sanitary Way To Clean And Care A Cutting Board?

  • 2022-04-22 13:23:26

This question is one that everyone who often uses the kitchen and is germ-conscious has pondered. Because they all know the cutting board is the place most close to the food and easy to gather germs. How do you clean cutting boards? Do you use a dishwasher to clean the cutting board? Will you often sanitize cutting boards with UV cutting board sterilizers?

It is recommended you read this blog carefully, we will share with you a most sanitary daily cleaning of cutting boards in three simple steps.

Know before cleaning

Most cutting boards have no high-temp resistance except composite cutting boards and steel cutting boards. The high temperatures of dishwashers will make most cutting boards split or warp. Please use with caution.

Please change a new cutting board when it has many scratches. The scratches are the easiest to hide and breed germs. They are hard to clean thoroughly.

Cleaning, sterilizing, drying

Cutting boards are prone to sticky food debris and bacteria. Cleaning the cutting board needs to remove visible stains and invisible bacteria. In addition, another necessary work is to avoid the re-breed of bacteria on the cutting board. Therefore, the most sanitary method of cleaning cutting boards needs three steps. That is cleaning, sterilizing, and drying. The dishwashers can do the three steps for you if your cutting boards can withstand the heat of a dishwasher. If not, it is recommended you them clean as follows.

Cleaning: Rinse whole the cutting board with clean water from the faucet and clean every corner of the cutting board with a soft sponge. In this process, you can use detergent to cooperate with the cleaning. Be sure to rinse off all the detergent on the cutting board surface at the end.

· Don't soak and clean the cutting boards with the standing water in the sink. If so, the food waste that should be flushed down the drain may end up on your cutting board.

Sterilizing: If you have a special UV chopping board sterilizer, then sterilizing will become very easy. It only needs to do it follow the user guide. If not, you can do the sterilization as the following simple method. Use one part vinegar to three parts water and spray evenly on the surface of the cutting board or soak the cutting board in it for 5 minutes, then will have a good effect on sterilization.

Drying: Drying the cutting board after cleaning and sterilizing is a very important work. Water is a necessary factor in germ breeding. Now, many kitchen utensils UV LED sanitizer have a drying function. This makes the drying step can do together with sterilizing. If you do not have the devices, you can hang the cutting board at a ventilated location to drain the water naturally. This is easy and efficient.

· Don't store the cutting board in a moist place that will make it easy to breed germs or molds.

The hygiene of cutting boards will affect the safety of families' food, so correct cleaning of them is very important. If you frequently cook or use cutting boards, please be sure to pay more attention to the cleaning of the cutting boards.

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