What Temperature Should I Dry Shoes?

  • 2022-04-14 09:26:57

Will you use a professional electric shoe dryer to dry your shoes? Or will you use a hairdryer, electric heaters, or stove? I believe that many people would like to use a hairdryer, electric heaters, or stove for convenience. Please stop it that you are destroying your shoes.

High heat will destroy shoes

Now, shoes are becoming more and more in line with people's needs in terms of functionality and comfort. Many new processes and materials are used in shoe production to get better performance, including chemical synthetic fabrics, foamed compound soles, quick-drying adhesive glues, etc. They were uncommon in traditional shoe production. Among them, so many new materials have no high-temp resistance. For example, some light and thin synthetic fabrics are usually used in high-end sneakers now, and high-temperature baking will make them quickly yellow and age. Another example is the glue used to bond shoe soles, which is easy to fall off while baked in high temperatures.

Therefore, some of the traditional drying methods that we are used to using become unfit for present shoes. Baking shoes directly on a stove or an electric heater is the method most likely to destroy them. Because you cannot accurately control the drying temperature while using them. For this reason, hairdryers are also not suitable for drying shoes. While hair dryers are similar in function and structure to some office forced air boot dryers, the difference is that hairdryers are designed to be used in open environments rather than in shoes. The heating power of the hairdryer is higher, and the upper limit of temperature control is higher than that of the shoe dryer. Therefore, using it to dry shoes is also easy to damage the shoes due to high temperatures.

*The materials of some high-end traditional shoes are also easily damaged by high temperatures, such as cashmere for snow boots and leather for some handmade leather shoes.

What temperature is best for drying shoes

Due to the increasing variety of shoe materials, there is not an exact value for the best shoe drying temperature. According to countless experiments, shoe dryer developers have given a temperature range that is suitable for most shoes. It is between 50℃to 60℃(122℉to 140℉). It will efficiently dry most types of shoes without damaging shoes while the drying temperature is in this range. Therefore, most of the warm air shoe dryers and the electric boot drying racks on the present market set the drying temperatures within this range.

However, there are some special cases, such as shoes made of natural lambskin. According to the shoe manufacturer's recommendation, it is best not to dry these shoes with heating which may cause damage to the cashmere. Please use cold air when drying such shoes. If you have some special or expensive shoes, we recommend that you consult a professional such as the shoe sellers for the most suitable drying method before drying. It will help to prolong the life of your favorite shoes.

We hope this article was helpful to you, both in terms of shoe drying and purchasing a shoe dryer.

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