Why Is It Recommended To Clean The Retainer With Ultrasonic Cleaner?

  • 2021-11-04 16:11:30

In recent years, the number of users of new dental retainers that are convenient for wearing and take-off has been increasing year by year, including many children and adults. Therefore, more and more people need to face the daily cleaning and maintenance of dental orthotics. In this regard, many experts will recommend the use of professional ultrasonic cleaning machines. Why is it worth recommending?

More thorough cleaning

We know that the retainers are usually customized according to the individuals' teeth, so there will be a lot of folds and gaps on the retainers. Some of these folds are so tortuous that it is difficult to clean them thoroughly even with a thin and soft toothbrush.

The ultrasonic retainer cleaner is a small bath that can generate sound waves. These sound waves will vibrate 20,000 to 50,000 times per second in the liquid. The high-frequency oscillation generates millions of microbubbles in the liquid. Bubbles generate, expand, and burst continually. It is easy to smash various stains and peel them off in this way. The sizes of these bubbles are usually between the range of nanometers scare (1/1000000 mm) to microns scare (1/1000 mm). These bubbles can easily entre the folds and gaps of the retainers and completely clean these positions.

Using an ultrasonic cleaner machine to cooperate with effervescent disinfectant tablets can also make the deep sterilization of retainer more rapid and efficient. The high-frequency oscillation of the ultrasound can help the cleaning solution reach all corners of the retainers faster and more comprehensively. It can improve the cleaning efficiency by 50%. The deep cleaning of the tooth retainer can be completed more thoroughly in the same long time.

More helpful for a good cleaning habit

For consumers who wear dental retainers, using only a toothbrush brushing to maintain good daily oral hygiene habits often means more troublesome work. Because you need to carefully brush both your teeth and the dental retainer every day. Repetitive and boring work makes it easy for adults to give up good cleaning habits, not to mention impatient children.

Using an ultrasonic cleaning machine will solve the problem that can help people establish the habit of cleaning the dental retainers better. You just need to take off the retainer and put it in the ultrasonic cleaning machine while brushing your teeth every day and start the cleaning with one button, and then you can get a clean retainer after brushing your teeth. It's very simple, convenient and fun. Make it easier for everyone, especially children, to maintain a good daily cleaning habit.

There are so many advantages of using an home retainer ultrasonic cleaner to clean the retainers, which is why more and more experts recommend it. However, it is only for the real ultrasonic cleaner. If you have no idea how to choose a real one, come to our web and read our previous related blog. That will help you better distinguish what is an effective ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Professional Retainer Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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