Which Type Of Shoe Dryer Is Best For My Shoes?

  • 2021-10-27 09:50:14

The Shoe dryer is a useful small household appliance. It can help people effectively remove dampness, odor, and bacteria from shoes. Now, there are many different types of electric shoe dryers on the market. They use different technologies and designs, and all claim to be the best and most effective. This makes it difficult for people to choose an ideal shoe dryer that is efficient and will not hurt shoes. In this article, we will try to help people simplify and solve this problem.

The key to the efficiency and safety of shoe dryers lies in their drying methods. At present, there are mainly three shoe dryers with different drying technologies on the market: PTC shoe dryer, thermal convection shoe dryer, and forced air shoe dryer.

PTC shoe dryer

This type of product is the most common type of small electric shoe dryer on the market. Its drying function is mainly realized by putting the heating element into the shoes and heating them directly.

The advantages of this product are rapid temperature rise in the early stage, no working noise, low power consumption, and low price. But meanwhile, its shortcomings are also obvious. The PTC shoe dryer heats the shoes with direct contact, and there will not produce air convection to take away moisture. Therefore, the shoe heating by the PTC shoe dryer is not so even. To not damage the shoes, the drying temperature of the PTC shoe dryer is usually set relatively low.  Among the common drying techniques, its drying speed is usually the slowest one, and it may not completely dry thicker shoes in the predetermined time.

Thermal convection shoe dryer

Thermal convection shoe dryers usually have a relatively long pipe and a machine that can heat the air. It produces a natural convective warm air by heating the air and then uses the warm air to dry the shoes.

The thermal convection shoe dryer has obvious advantages over the PTC shoe dryer. Because it uses warm air heating, it heats more evenly and takes away moisture faster. Although the initial temperature rise is relatively slow, the overall drying speed is still faster than that of the PTC shoe dryer. Because it does not directly use the heating element to contact and heat shoes, that is safer for the shoes. Therefore, it is suitable for almost all kinds of shoes. And it has no working noise. The only disadvantage is that it usually has a relatively large machine size because of the structural requirements for producing air convection.

Forced air shoe dryer

The forced air shoe dryer also uses warm air to heat and dry the shoes but is added a fan inside to create a more powerful warm air.

Because the forced air shoe dryer adopts the working method of actively conveying stronger warm air, it has the fastest drying speed. Drying the same shoes usually takes only half as long as a thermal convection shoe dryer. It also has the advantages of uniform heating, no damage to shoes, and is suitable for all kinds of shoes. Because there is no need to use a long pipe structure to make warm air, the body of the forced air shoe dryer can be much smaller than the heat convection shoe dryer. And its shortcoming is that it is the only one that produces working noise among the three shoe dryers.

Recently, some portable electric shoe dryers using forced air technology have appeared on the market. The designers have rebalanced the relationship between wind intensity, drying time, and drying temperature. Then they created a new small forced air shoe dryer that combines the advantages of efficient drying and low working noise.

At present, the temperature control of various shoe dryers on the market is generally done relatively well, so if you choose qualified products and use them following the instructions, the shoes will usually not be damaged. Although thermal convection shoe dryers and forced air shoe dryers are more popular on the market, some people choose cheaper PTC shoe dryers because they do not care about efficiency. That is just because of different personal needs. After reading this article, I believe that you know more about the electric boot drying racks' drying technologies, and now you can easily choose a suitable shoe dryer according to your needs.

Forced Air Shoe Dryer

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