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Customized Wall Mounted Smart Family Toothbrush Sanitizer


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Customized Wall Mounted Smart Family Toothbrush Sanitizer

Multifunctional family set toothbrush sanitizer holder with high-efficiency UV sterilization tech. Optical technology sterilizes quickly without any chemical disinfectants. Rechargeable design, easy to install and use. Smart control, automatic disinfection. Multiple toothbrush positions, suitable for families.

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Product Detail

Family Toothbrush UV Sterilizer Holder

Product Item: Customized Smart Family Toothbrush Sanitizer Holder

[ODM/OEM/EMS Supply] There are multiple smart UV toothbrush sanitizer solutions ready to choose from. We are seeking brand customers who are interested in co-investing in mass production. Provide in-depth customized production services. The size, appearance, function, structure, parts, all can be modified and redesign. After confirming the product design, samples and mass production can be quickly provided.

ATYOU Health Tech is a professional manufacturer of household disinfection & cleaning electronics. We have an excellent R&D and production team and release many products with independent patents to the global market every year. We have a one-stop production base that includes product development, molds, injection molding, and assembly, and can provide professional customizable electronic manufacturing services (EMS/ODM/OEM/Wholesale).


Product Description

Wall-mounted smart family UV toothbrush sanitizer is a multi-functional household cleaning equipment. The product integrates multiple functions including sterilization, drainage, and storage. The product uses the latest 270~280 nm UV-C LED to provide germicidal ultraviolet light. Stable performance and longer working life. This UV light toothbrush sterilizer contains a variety of user-friendly details, easy to install and use, and can meet the needs of various types of families.



UV Sterilization: UV sterilization is efficient, rapid, and widely applicable. It is a deep sterilization tech trusted by various professional organizations including NASA. UV sterilization can kill bacteria and viruses in a short time by irradiation, including E. coli, influenza, coronavirus, etc.


User-friendly Design: Built-in high-performance rechargeable Li-battery, can be used for a long time on one charge. Nail-free wall mount design, easy to install for anyone. Smart automatic running, the electric toothbrush sanitizer holder can keep the toothbrush clean without complex operation.


Safety Measures: Back-hidden safety switch for preventing accidental operation. Optimized layout of UV germicidal lamps to preventing UV from directly irradiate out. Use anti-ultraviolet material shell. A variety of safety measures ensure the safety of users.

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